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i hear that yamaha rx-100 will launch again in india
By Hemant Dhumal 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Yes there is unconfirmed news inthis matter of new version of RX100. We will give details in this regard.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

Yes, They want boost. They can re-launch Rx100 with same look But don't expect same strock n firing. They has to obey emition rules, it wl Stage 4 engine, its 4strock not 2strock. so if u r a fond of Rx100's looks then wait.

Answer by Jagdish 02 February 2010

May B its an unconfirmed news but if the RX launches again i would not B the same as it is was coz the RX production was forced to stop by Indian Govt in order 2 protect the envoirenment as it was having a 2stroke engine n not by the company therefore even if it launches again it would B having a four stroke engine which definately will not have the feel of the legendry RX

Answer by Aniket 02 February 2010

Folks gone are those days of two stroke engines... so even if they re launch it with a 4stroke it still wont kill the mass image of a two stroke!!!!

Answer by Joel 02 February 2010

yes it's goint to launch 100% but it will take some time and it will be a 4-stroke engine and it will be very good chance for rx-100 lovers those who saw dreams to have and they didn't got that this will be a good oppurtinity for them

Answer by Nishant Sharma 02 February 2010

Many people are eagerly waiting for yamaha rx four stroke bikes,
but these yamaha manufacturing people are very lazy ,i dont know still how long they want to relanuch this bike, From 2years there are keeping on tel we will relanuch , we will relaunch , when it is going to be happen.

Answer by Shiva 10 October 2011

Maybe its going to happen in 2016 this year

Answer by Junaidsoudagar 01 January 2016

Plz relaunch RX

Answer by Sufiyan Khan 01 January 2016

I am waiting for rx 100 relaunch from tamilnadu jolarpet

Answer by C Harishkumar 02 February 2016

I'm eagerly waiting for yamaha rx four stroke bikes, it's my dream bike, i dont know still how long they want to relanuch this bike, I booked RE bullet and cancelled and waiting rx

Answer by Leninprasad 04 April 2016

Without rx 100 no values for yamahaa

Answer by Rohan 04 April 2016

They should change the body of the bike and increase the cc for the younger generation and give it cool looks.

Answer by Sahil Bhatnagar 04 April 2016

Many of us do not know about the emission lows in India,,,Even the passion on Rx 100 is high , the company should full fill the emission criteria,,, thats why yamaha stopped Rx loo

Answer by Mohan Abraham 04 April 2016

Plzzzzz relaunch the new Rx 100.And mention the bike priceeee quickly

Answer by Aravind 04 April 2016


Answer by G.JAGADISH KUMAR 04 April 2016

I planed to buy a ct100 in Tamilnadu but now I am waiting for RX100.

Answer by Robin 04 April 2016

Rx 100 is good bike

Answer by Mohit Kumar Singh 04 April 2016

im waiting fr r x 100 or rx 135

Answer by Mulka Patil 04 April 2016

Feeling like all this news are fake

Answer by Prajith Nair 04 April 2016

i am waiting to purchase that bye please launch soon .....

Answer by Sathish Kumar 04 April 2016

It won't be launched so soon I guess... I'm ready to buy if it has the power of the previous one... If it is the engine of CRUX and shape is only of RX, then I will never buy it...

Answer by RX Rider 04 April 2016

im waiting fr r x 100 or rx 135

Answer by Keshava 04 April 2016

M so existed for my dream bike YAMAHA RX 100 plz do it soon

Answer by Sudhir Kumar 04 April 2016

I am waiting fr rx100

Answer by Prasath 04 April 2016

Yes it is good to buy Yamaha's new bike as now days bikes are coming good like as Yamaha rx 100 even if you check in Yamaha's four stroke bike also not looking good and no mileage if they launch then it will four stroke and mileage will good.

Answer by Ganesh Borkar 04 April 2016

I m waiting for RX 100 or RX 135

Answer by Shashikanth Hegde 04 April 2016

I am waiting for Yamaha RX 100

Answer by Thiyagaraj.R 04 April 2016

Me too I have rx135 with me, but I am eager to touch the legend rx100

Answer by Bala 04 April 2016

I miss waiting for the Rx 100

Answer by RX-MANI 04 April 2016

May be RX-100 been release on May 2016.

Answer by Vicki 04 April 2016

I am waiting....Rx 100

Answer by G.kaveriraj 04 April 2016

happy news all yamaha lovers waiting...:-)

Answer by Rageshkchandhra 05 May 2016

happy news all yamaha lovers waiting...:-)

Answer by Rageshkchandhra 05 May 2016

Im also waiting rx 100...quick launch that bike.....

Answer by Karthi 05 May 2016

I have not purchased any bike till now. Because I lesent rx100 about to lonch . I have to purchase

Answer by Virendra Kumar Maurya 05 May 2016

I love Yamaha RX100 this bike is evergreen I am waiting for

Answer by BalasubramanyaRaju 05 May 2016

I am waiting fr rx100 4strock

Answer by Pratap 05 May 2016

Yes I am so waiting

Answer by Mahes 05 May 2016

I love Yamaha RX100 this bike is evergreen I am waiting for mi

Answer by Prakash Khandagale 06 June 2016

when RX100 launch I egarly waiting for it.

Answer by Ratan 06 June 2016

I love RX-100

Answer by Umesh 06 June 2016

Am also fan of rx 100 yamaha yeis if rx 100 come 4 strock it beats platina splendor and hond cd110

Answer by Vijay Krishan Jalandhar 06 June 2016

I am waiting for yamaha rx100 plz relaunch

Answer by Pavankumar 06 June 2016

i want to buy a evergreen bike i wanted to buy a splendor , but while hearing the relaunch of rx 100 yamaha i stopped that idea waiting for rx 100

Answer by Vinoth M.k. 06 June 2016

please launch YAMAHA rx100 version2 with same engine spec...with different colours

Answer by ARUN 07 July 2016

I love Yamaha Rx135 two strock

Answer by S.dineshkumar 07 July 2016

I love Yamaha Rx100 two strock

Answer by S.dineshkumar 07 July 2016

Please launch Yamaha Rx100

Answer by S.dineshkumar 07 July 2016

i am waiting RX100 Yamaha

Answer by Vadevazhagan.KR 07 July 2016

its great news because iam the fan of yamaha Rx 100 iam waiting

Answer by Durgaprasad 07 July 2016

I'M waiting for Yamaha.rx135 4 stoke please relouch soon,please,please please....

Answer by Ali 07 July 2016

I don't see Yamaha rx 100 on road. When u going to lunch. This modal.

Answer by Vishal Naik 07 July 2016

Please lunch rx 100, am waiting from 2000

Answer by Shiv 08 August 2016

If you lanch RX 100, we hope same boby style & same silencer beet, we not expet mileage need only initial pickep same as 2stoke RX

Answer by Naren 08 August 2016

relaunch rx bike love to ride it

Answer by Ajay Pokale 08 August 2016

pls teel wether rx is relaunching

Answer by Madhu 08 August 2016

24th June 2016, Malaysia has launched Yamaha RX-K 135, pls launch in india, i am waiting

Answer by Madhu 08 August 2016

I' 400 cc duke .. Bt. I cancelled that bike bcos I love RX bike so plsssss launched fast quick

Answer by Guruuuuuu 08 August 2016

Plz launch Yamaha rx100 old model

Answer by Ravi Kumar 08 August 2016

Its good bike have been drove fr six years.wating for new relunch.

Answer by Nazir A. Beig 08 August 2016

yemaha Rx 100 lauching exact date I want ...

Answer by MATHAN V 09 September 2016

yamaha manufacturing people are very lazy ,i don't know still how long they want to re launch this bike

Answer by Riyaz Mohamed 09 September 2016

Is Yamaha lunching RX 100, I want to purchase .so pls relaunch RX as early as possible.

Answer by Sanjib 09 September 2016


Answer by VENKATRAMAN K GIRIVASAN 09 September 2016

plz relunch rx 100 yamaha

Answer by Sushil Kumar 09 September 2016

I am waiting for RX100 relaunch from New Delhi, can anyone pls conform this bike relaunch or not, and expected date

Answer by Pradeep Kumar 09 September 2016

u must launch rx 100 we all waiting

Answer by Ashutosh 09 September 2016

Plz fast rx100 lonch..

Answer by Yog Ubale 10 October 2016

Is it launched in India? Could any one told me pls....if yes pls reply me at this no.7357333009

Answer by Ishu 10 October 2016

I am Yamaha rx100 booking call 9944489487

Answer by R.sarath 10 October 2016

I am waiting fr rx100 4strock

Answer by Mahesh 10 October 2016

I own 1992 RX100 Maroon I have felt the two stroke power several times as I used to ride it on hills. I will buy if a new RX100 version is launched.

Answer by Sathiya 11 November 2016

actually, i am planning to perchage new bike, i am very interested and crazy Yamaha rx100 model bike..please early launching in telagana and andhra pradesh

Answer by Ramesh Babu 11 November 2016

when will lunching yamaha rx100 model bikes in india.. please give details releasing date

Answer by Ramesh Babu 11 November 2016

yamaha must lunch RX100 but with two stroke engine only also comply the norms of emission

Answer by Vinod Patil 12 December 2016

Ya seriously we r waiting for heart way yamha rx100 or rx135 in same look...need a few changes in back side of seat...

Answer by Dilip 12 December 2016

Plz relaunch the YBX

Answer by Nikhil 12 December 2016

I'm really fan of yamaha plz relaunch

Answer by Varun 01 January 2017

Make it same has it's. Just improve the milage convert into pollution Free Vehicle. Yamaha RX100. Future bike

Answer by Anil 01 January 2017

Please relaunch Yamaha RX 100 old model in new look I am waiting for this tell me the launch date

Answer by Joseph 02 February 2017

plz once again yamaha rx 100

Answer by Dipankar Maji 02 February 2017

its good to launch Rx100 in 250 cc with top speed of 150 it will be great i am thing of buying same or RE GT

Answer by DESURKAR 03 March 2017

Always the best bike plz if u guys love ur customer then re-launch the bike eagerly waiting for it.........

Answer by Mateen 03 March 2017

Pls relaunch rx100 i am waiting.Otherwise i will not drive any bike

Answer by Sudhir Kumar Sinha 03 March 2017

5 star

Answer by John 04 April 2017

Tell me exactly on which date Yamaha rx100 will launch

Answer by Anubhav Khatua 04 April 2017

Howlongcan IwaitforRx 100Yamahay oushouldan swerthusqu estionEven Tvs50updat edFourstro keengineCa ntyoudotha t

Answer by Bruno 04 April 2017

Please launch rx 100, 125 ,135 ..Any ok we wand rx look....Tamilnadu dharmapuri...

Answer by Tamizharasan 05 May 2017

Hi, If there is any forum to set the customer opinions for relaunch of Yamaha RX 100.That will be great, Having three bikes but compare with RX 100. So try to consider it.


Answer by Shwet 11 November 2017

Pls tell me please lunch yamaha rx100 date
I wait for this early time

Answer by Randhir Yadav 05 May 2018

I m very excited for re launch of RX-100.. Plz tell me date of launch in Delhi NCR.... Waiting from Meerut city....

Answer by Imran 06 June 2018

i am waiting RX100-135 Yamaha

Answer by Atul Singh 06 June 2018


Answer by SHIVA 06 June 2018

i am waiting RX100-135 Yamaha i have seen the images in google so is looking like bullet

Answer by Kishan 07 July 2018

Katta waiting... for rx100,,,,,..

Answer by Shamir P 07 July 2018


Answer by Mackvin Fernandes 07 July 2018

I M waiting for The RX 100 ,please do lonch soon.

Answer by K Praveen 07 July 2018

please tell me a YAMAHA RX 100 lonching

Answer by Chintan 07 July 2018

Plz we want Rx

Answer by Ruban 07 July 2018

Pls yahama rx 100 which date launch
Iam waiting.......

Answer by Mansoorali.m 07 July 2018


Answer by SHIVAM RANA 07 July 2018

We are still waiting Rx 100 or RX 135 serious bike relaunch which minutes bikes booked in lakh it young gernarastion still favarate legend bike so when relanch RE and jawa

Answer by Lakshmi Narayana B N 01 January 2021
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