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Am planning for a Skoda Octavia used one. do you re comment? or which used car is best to buy?
By Bharath 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

The Octavia is a good car. Performance and Luxury is right up there with its competitors.
But do take into consideration the pretty steep maintenance cost of the car before taking the plunge. If you can afford the maintenance, go for it.

Answer by Quraish 02 February 2010

i agree with the above comment if you can take the cost of maintainance go for it additionally I will recommend going for a petrol version if going for used car will be better.

Answer by Sanjeev 02 February 2010

The Octavia is a good car to own - great performance. You may find the interior and exterior design relatively dated, nevertheless, it offers a wonderful driving experience. Ride and handling are both good. The car steers like a breeze - overall lotsa fun! But yes, the maintenance costs are a bit steep - so thats a call you need to take.

Answer by Nataraj 02 February 2010

As everyone said, Yes, it is a little bit expensive on maintenance but at the same time, it is a sheer pleasure to drive it. I use a Diesel version & I enjoy driving it. If you are looking for petrol version, it is going to be extremely good than Diesel but again you may have to think about milegae as Diesel gives a pretty good mileage. However, I am willing to sell of my Diesel car, which is based in Hyderabad. If you or anyone is interested, then you can email me -->

Answer by Nitin 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Its indeed a good luxury car to own .Maintenance is bit on higher side and waiting period for spares is sometimes discourageing.Recommeneded to goahead with the car provided you have alternative car for limited period of uasge when thre Octavia is given for service.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010
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