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HI, I have Maruti 800 AC, sep 2008 model, 18000 km done, and willing to install power steering in my car, how much will it cost and also is it worth? Please get back to me as soon as possible
By Kamal Soni 02 February 2010

My dear frd,
There is no mean to install power streeing in 800cc car.

Answer by Satya Prakash 02 February 2010

Power Steering is not a kit that u remove and install a new steering with involves whole wiring of the car and has impact on engine as ther is no such provision to do so...and btw...800 has smaller wheels so u really dont need power assistance!

Answer by Chandy 02 February 2010


There his no option
to install power steering because its small car no need p/s if u want to buy alto power streeing kit and fit it
Thank's & Regard

Answer by RAJINIKANTH 02 February 2010

you canot install power steering in m800

Answer by Bosco Lawarence 02 February 2010

Dear Mr. Kamal,

Actually you will not feel any difference between normal stearing and the Power one in M800. It would be waste of money. As such, M800 stearing is very light and very close to the Power stearing.

Answer by Prasad 02 February 2010

yes u can install a power steering in m 800.a normal kit will cost u 30000 to 40000.but its better u sell ur car.u can get 1.2 to 1.3 lakh easily for ur car.give it as a down payement for a new alto.u l b happy.its a great car.maruti is out of fashion and technology

Answer by Sahil 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Its possible to install power steering to 800 but it wont be worth investing for modifications and related coomponents.The exising manual steering will solve the purpose better.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

Dear, NO NEED FOR A POWER Steering in M 800.It so manageable without it.

Answer by Suresh 02 February 2010

You will not find any difference between normal stearing and Power steering in M800. Perhaps you can sell this and buy a car with power steering (say alto). You will enjoy the power steering particularly when you have long distance travel.

Answer by Krishnamoorthy 02 February 2010

My openion is Power steering is unnessesary for maruti 800

Answer by Parthiban 02 February 2010

Power steering is not worth for small car , besides why do you want to waste money

Answer by Solomonjaichander 02 February 2010

Its not worth. Further it is better not to go for major modifications / alterations even thru authorised dealers.

Answer by A V PATIL 02 February 2010
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