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Hi, I own a Maruti 800 5 gear 2000 model car. I am intending to fit an AC from an authorised service station. They say that it will cost around 25K. Does genuine AC cost so much? I intend to use this car for a further period of 10 years, as I am totally satisfied with this car. Is fitting AC worth it?
By Viswanath 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

Yes it will be useful in fitting AC in Maruti 800.The cost of AC complet system could be around 15 to 20K Max.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

Hi GO for it...
When 800 production stopped..
can sell your car at silver price for steel......
800 is a legend ruled more than 25 years she knows all indian roads........ but the carbon emission norms MUL is going to withdraw the legend.... but MUL can redesign 800 engine to latest norms or MUL can buy an engine from Fiat and can be retain the model......

Answer by Weareyesin 02 February 2010

For the model 2000 car i feel that Fixing of AC not useful. Because already 10 years of life completed.. and also check how much mileage coming without AC. If u fix AC u r mailage will be dropped.. and nearly AC costs to 15K to 20K.. So, think before going for it.


Answer by JVN DATTU 02 February 2010


I have owned this car...its worth maintaining.
Fitting an A/c is also a gud idea, but check for the best deal...u shud get a decent one at abt 12-15k

And using for 10 yrs..depends on ur usage...if u are hardly using it then makes sense to maintain it.

Answer by Chandy 02 February 2010

As per my knowledge 5 gear 800 came with factory filled AC, you want to replace the AC or want to fit a new AC.

Answer by Rahul 02 February 2010

I had a Maruthi car.Fitting the Ac from an authorised dealer is ok.Cost will be around 20K.Life of a vehicls is 15 Years.After 15 years you have to go for FC.Fixing an ac now and using for minimum years is not adviceable.Mileage also will be dropped around 2Km per Lt.If it is a carborator version better buy a new one with company fitted ac.Company fitted ac is better than fitting from outside agency.

Answer by Vaithianathasamy 02 February 2010

you can fit ac and it will cost 12000 to 15000. not more than that. dont go to a dealer workshop, go to an authorised service centre. but my advice is to wait for one year and exchange your car with a new model of maruti 650cc around 1.5 lakhs.

Answer by BOSCO LAWARENCE 02 February 2010

Its a good idea, i have also done it in my car but m-800
does not fit for a/c as it is not fully air tight car.
You may drop this idia.

Answer by Tsbanerjee 02 February 2010

Sell this one for 1 lakh & wait for Maruti Cervo which is gonna be launched shortly. It costs less than a new Maruti 800; Only around 1.5 lakhs I heard. So just additional 50K. So why spending another 25K to your old one??

Answer by RUMBLOO 02 February 2010

If you are sure that you will be keeping this one for next 5-10 years, then go for AC kit. Don't go for second hand AC kits. They might not suite your engine & reduces engine life & mileage.
You will get original M800 AC kit in all authorized maruti service centers with warranty. It might cost you around 20K - 25K.

Answer by Parthiban 02 February 2010

Hi Mr. Viswanath !! You can definetly go ahead and fit the new AC. just check the brand they fit its capacity and warranty period for compressor. To cross check, call the Maruti company guys and inquire about the AC car and NON AC car difference for price check. You can also ask them the brancd of AC and its capacity. Another thing when you get it fittted from outside that is authorized agents, you may get different brands and better AC cooling at cheap price.
Company AC Maruti price is very high. Regards, Devang Shah

Answer by Devang Shah 02 February 2010

I appreciate your attachment with 800. ButI dont advice you to go for AC but replace with a brand new 800 with AC. Many reasons, which you must have understood by now. Regards.

Answer by A V Patil 02 February 2010
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