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what is the millage of 2006 model pulsar 180?

By Biswas on Feb 8, 2010


  • Expert Hi,

    The maximum mileage that canbe expected from Pulsar 180 CC is around 35 to 40KMPL.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Feb 8, 2010

    Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai on Feb 8, 2010

  • Hi Biswas.

    I own 2006 Pulsar 180cc. Please check the following link
    as I have entered the mileage of my bike. I also have provided some tips for good fuel effeciency. My bike returns minimum of 49 in the city like Bangalore.
    This is a important tips I would like to shareabout my Bike. I own Bajaj Pulsar 180 2006 (Fully black). Company claimed mileage in city is 43-45(under std condn). But I m getting stunning mileage of 50 in city and 53 on highway. i maintain the speed 60-80Kmph. following are the tips:
    1. Service your bike without fail at 2500 Kms by a good mechanic
    2. Use Good Brand engine oil. (I use Falcon)
    3. Instead of concentracting on Speedometer, maintain Rpm meter within the Green(Economy)markings.
    4. maintain recommended air press in tyres by checking regulary (pref once in 2 days)
    5. Avoiding sudden throttle and breaking
    6. replace spares as per the maintenance chart without fail. (Eg: Sprk plgs, filters etc)
    Practice the above tips and feel the difference. Hope this is helpful for the members Thanks
    Answer by Talha on Feb 8, 2010

  • Its give 45-50KMPL..

    Answer by Arindam Deb on Feb 10, 2010

  • It should give mileage around 40..
    Answer by Amit on Feb 10, 2010

  • As my bike is 2008 Feb made. Pulsar 180 UG3 model.
    It gives me mileage from 53-57 kmpl.
    We have digital meter so no green (economic) range in my bike..
    I used to change my engine oil nearly max by every 3000kms.
    Used only Castrol Power 20W 50 oil for Pulsar 180...
    Answer by Shreyas on Feb 11, 2010

  • my bike is givi 48 to 53
    Answer by Nagu on Mar 13, 2013

  • 35 deti hai
    Answer by Jj on Jan 6, 2016

  • my bike is 180 ug-3 2007 model it is give miliage around only 25-32
    Answer by Amit on Mar 3, 2017

  • My bike is 180 ug3 2008model it is give miliage around 52 to 57
    Answer by Kirana Kumar Mallik on Mar 8, 2017

  • My bike give 28-30, please suggest how to increase it
    Answer by Harish on Jun 29, 2017

  • Its pulser 180 2007 model it gives mileage 30 suggest how to increase it
    Answer by Harish on Jun 29, 2017

  • My bike is 180 2007 model, it gives 30 kmpl.
    Answer by A Bhaskar on Nov 22, 2017

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