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hero honda CBZ HOW MUCH mileage giving?
By Aman 02 February 2010


Answer by TSELVAN 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

With CBZ expected mileage is around 50 to 55 KMPL max.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

its Giving 48 In City And 55 On High ways on Highways theres No Limit in top speed Howmuch ever you go with out changing gear it will give you 50+ on highways i guarantee you

Answer by Naveen 02 February 2010

In local 40 and on highway 50+

Answer by Rohit 02 February 2010

A CBZ Bike gives a constant of milage of 38 - 40 kmpl in Metro Cites i.e. Delhi, Mumbai Kolkata reason being instant gear shift and constant Braking but in other cities it givesa milage of 42-45 and 4-48 in Highways. I have never found its milage touching 50 or even more. I have only received a milage of around 40 in City liits

Answer by Ankit Kochhar 02 February 2010

It is giving me around 50-52 kmpl

Answer by Prabhav 03 March 2010


Answer by Younus 06 June 2011


Answer by Younus 06 June 2011

iwana buy cbz

Answer by Pranay 06 June 2011

it gives 53+ km/l overall

Answer by Sandip 06 June 2011

40-45 after a year.depends on how u ride.

Answer by Vikas 06 June 2011

now recently i bought

Answer by MURALI 11 November 2011

it will surely give 50 in city with speed of 50-60kmph

Answer by Yaswanth 11 November 2011

I have a CBZ Dec 1999 model. It is giving mileage of 48 to 52 kmpl in Bangalore city. I have removed the TPFC cable from accelerator to carburettor there by increasing 10 mileage directly. I also reduced the bike weight by 7 kgs. I maintain speed of 35 to 45 kmph @ 2500 to 3200rpm due to speed limits at B'lore. I switch OFF engine if stop at traffic signal is more than 30 sec. I ride solo. I got mileage of 58kmpl on highways @ 4500 to 5000rpm , 60 to 65kmph speed, solo riding and 64kmpl at speed 50kmph @ 3500 rpm. Still if you need more mileage remove the 100X90 rear tyre and fit a 3X18 tyre and stick to speeds of max 5o in city and 75 in highways for safety. It will increase further 10% to the above figures as i experienced.

Answer by CBZ AP 01 January 2012

I want buy cbz or hunk or cb twister bike secnd if any one have contact me 9039510089

Answer by Manoj Singh Chouhan 02 February 2018

hello i have cb teister only 35000km run good condition
any interested please call

Answer by Devang Joshi 05 May 2018
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