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Sir, Is it true that Renault Logan (diesel)gives mileage of 22-24 kms approx?Is it the best option in diesel cars at6- 6.30 lacs onroad? or Manza which costs 60-70k more? Navneeth.
By Navneeth Krishnan 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

With Logan you can get mileage of around 13KMPL on avrgae in normal driving consitins and can go to 2KMPL wit standard fittment and accessories.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010

So for long trip(560 km) with 85 % A/C on I got about 21 Kmpl...
In th city I get about 15 Kmpl...This is for my Diesel Logan 1.5 DLE

Answer by Ajai 02 February 2010

Sorry,I cannot help you on the mileage characteristics of Diesel Logan, since I own a 1.4 GLE (petrol) Logan. But, I would think,you shoud get around 13-15 km in local and 15-18 km in long distance driving, depending driving habits, road conditions,locale where you are driving(congested or free areas make a lot of distance).In regard to comparison with Manza,once again,this can only be found out if you talk to a Manza owner.

Answer by Pradeepjauhar 02 February 2010
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