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Hi,I have CBZ XTREME model 2007, first it was smooth now engine get noking n tipated is also giving sound .My daily running is 150 to200 Km/day.When u pick speed above 80 it get vrbate. I need good mechanic to repair it near THANE, so please address of that showroom. Please reply my mail as soon as possible. Thank You. MUSAVEER KHOT
By Musaveer 02 February 2010

can you change the clutch plate and change th oil and also change the bush and chck the pork oil and also check the tyre thank you

Answer by Sathish 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

i think u have driven 1 lac km. so u need engine service . and must change oil only castrol active each 3000 km . u may enqry at ur area with 2/3 mechanik u will get correct fault than take decession to repair or go to hero honda showroom and ask first quation

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 02 February 2010

Like any good product, your bike too needs timely care and maintenance. This can best be provided at the authorized Hero Honda Service Centre only contrary to what some may believe. Please take the trouble to leave your vehicle there for a day or two and get all your problems sorted out. They will promptly do the needful and use original genuine spares. Your vehicle is be returned as good as new!

Answer by Microman 02 February 2010

My dear every thing on earth needs love-n-care.
For sure ur CBZ needs enigine overhauling, drive it at a steady speed of 60 KM/Hour, and get service done on every 2000 KM.

Answer by Atul S 02 February 2010

hello musavir,
i think u must visit the hero honda's authorised service station. in my opinion they are the right people who've got proper knowledge and equipments required for the vehicle .

Answer by Kamal 02 February 2010
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The kind of problems arise during excessive usage as mentioned and visiting Hero Honda dealer should help youout in maintaining the bike in best condition.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010
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