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hi experts, i have a hyundai accent, i have noticed that when ever i start my engine a white smoke comes out for few second and wen i start my a/c and keep on 4 the smoke continues for little long pls. tell me why it is coming it a engine problem?
By Sejal 01 January 2010

White smoke indicates damaged piston rings, this might need a complete engine overhaul, however, u can check this by checking your engine oil level for every 200 - 300 kms u drive, if the oil level drops, this means your car is consuming oil due to seapage in the cylinders due to damaged piston rings, check and act accordingly

Answer by Vibhav Jindal 02 February 2010

chck ur engine oil...
it might be low in level..

Answer by Pratik 02 February 2010

Your problem indicates the problem with piston ring,lining or valve oil seal. Immediately get it repaired or connecting rods and crankshaft bearings shall get damaged soon.

Answer by Tuhin Dutt 02 February 2010


IF ur car is petrol version then i too suspect some problem with ur engine conditions but if it's a diesel car, then while starting there will not be a proper balance of mixture of air & fuel, so it may occur.

If ur car is diesel then u can do one simple test, u can open ur bonet cover, remove the oil dip scale, & then raise acceleration, if u find any oil traces ( drops coming out with force ) then it's a problem with ur engine's piston rings. But plz don't do it on Petrol engines.

Swapnil Natu.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 02 February 2010
Expert`s comment:

The problem can sometimes occur because of left out fuel during starting.If the problem persists then proper inspection is needed regarding wearout of piston rings. Check the engine oil lever before starting and afterrunning for a while.If there is drastic change in oil level then problem is with rings.Recommended to get it inspected thoroughly before concluding.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2010
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