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I am planning to buy a second hand car and i m getting the Palio 1.2 elx(Top model) at very low price. I want to know the positive and negative points relating to Fiat Palio. I knw that its service is costly but it is compensating by lower resale value.

By Rahul on Jan 28, 2010


  • The best way to know the price of second hand car is to take it to another used car dealer as you want to sell this car, suupose you have your choice of car with dealer A and he is asking 1lac for the car, take the car to dealer B by submitting some kind of security with Dealer A an if Dealer B is ready to take the Car at say 85-90 thousand do not hesitate to take car at 1 lac and if dealer B says below 85 try negotiate with price and by this you will be able to know +ve and -ve of car, and as you are planning to buy Palio, its milage is very low but its performance is good and have a good suspension and solid body, a 2002 Palio sport is valued at around fifty thousand
    Answer by Shagul Gupta on Jan 30, 2010

  • I own a Palio and I am quite happy with the car. I think 1Lakh is a good deal, but again it depends on the condition of the car.
    I would suggest you that by a car that is well maintain else it can make hole in your pocket.
    Answer by Mahesh on Jan 31, 2010

  • I have driven Palio Elps for over 7.5 years.Recently shifted to i20.The important plus points of Palio are its strong build and ride quality,road grip and safety,smooth gear shifting,braking,driving comfort,fairly spacious,excellent styling which has even been copied in i20.minus points are poor resale value,fuel efficiency of 9-10 kms with ac on in city(13-14 on highway),?rusting prone parts e.g radiator.overall a car that you will love to have,SAMIR
    Answer by SAMIR GUPTA on Feb 1, 2010

  • My Palio 1.2 is 5 year old. It gives me 12 kms/l in mumbai city. Ultimate driving pleasure if car is maintained well. In the last 5 years besides regular oil change and coolant top up i have changed the following things.....
    1. tyres after 35000 kms
    2. battery after 4 years
    3. changed silencer since it rotted because of mumbai monsoons.

    Negatives :
    1. All car assesories shops dont keep spare parts.

    Rest "All is Well" as the 3 idiots say

    Answer by Anoop Verma on Feb 1, 2010

  • Expert Hi,
    You have not mentioned the year of make and quoted price.Palio Petrol has all advantages except mileage which is less by 2 kmpl or so. A well maintained car with occasional antirust coating should give a good service.Recommended to go ahead with the same.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Feb 1, 2010

  • Plus Point
    1.good build(feel safty)
    2.good pickup(can leave back,95% car on road)
    3.stable on high speed(on highway you can speed up to 130 easliy) AC in it's class(best for delhi summer)
    5.Best aerodynamic body
    6.Smooth steering wheel,powerful shocker,breaks.

    Minus Point
    1.FE is 10-11 km without AC

    I have taken palio in hills also where road was worst or even no road was there but palio was excllent on there.I drove honda city ford icon but driving palio is totally different.
    Answer by Rohit on Feb 2, 2010

  • I have just purchased a used 2004 1.9 diesel Elx top end with ABS and Air Bag on Drivers Seat for RS1.6Lacs, i ahve been driving Mumbai-Goa with ease and comfort because of its spacious interior,heavy body line with a firm road grip, the pleasure is all mine to have a good body line and a very sound enegine, if you get a good buy than i don't think you will regret.
    Answer by Salauddin Maricar on Feb 2, 2010

  • A good,solid car.
    Answer by S K Ghose on Feb 4, 2010

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