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Hi Experts, I am planning to buy jeep or gypsy for offroading and serve my passion to own jeep at one point of time. I have identified couple of MM 540 & 550 and Gypsy. Request your views/opion as to which one is good option mahindra jeep or maruti gypsy. Please suggest. Rgds, Rajesh
By Rajesh Narvankar 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the two Maruti Gypsy has better proven performance and reliability.Hence makes a good option.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Here Gypsy scores over Mahindra if you intend to go for serious off-roading where 4x4 is must(interior areas of wide life sanctuary, trekking on -off routes in mountains etc.) but journeys like going to srinagar-leh-manali etc. don't require 4x4 where mahindra is more economical and gives much less jerks than gypsy. However Gypsy requires much less maintainance than mahindra.

Answer by Vikramjit Nejra 01 January 2010

Depends what you want. I mean, if you are a petrol head and prefer a smooth vehicle, then gypsy is what you are looking for. Mahindra Jeeps are reliable too. But are a bit rugged and rough. Maintenance wise, mahindra's are economical as gypsy's will create a hole in your pocket and more over sourcing parts are a bit difficult for the gypsy. speaking about 4*4, both vehicles are equally capable. U have mentioned a MM540 and a 500. the gypsy handles better than the above 2 but looses out to the Mahindra Classic in 4*4 driving conditions.
So finally, its upto what you are looking for. Both the vehicles have their own pros and cons. but whatever it is, you will be owning one of the all-time best offroading vehicles. Thats for sure... All the best.

Answer by Digvijay Nayak 01 January 2010

According to my opnion Jeep(MAHINDRA DI Engine) is much better than Maruti Gypsy. Maruti Gypsy high maintenence cost and low mileage are the drawbacks compre to Mahindra Jeep(Di).

Answer by Hema 02 February 2010

i agree with HEMA and DIGVIJAY
Mahindra 540/550 gives u less maintenance
and also the parts are easily available

Answer by TUSHAR 04 April 2010
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