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For my maruti swift dzire, I have a reversing camera fitted beneath the rear bumper and the monitor on the central rear view mirror. At night the vision in the monitor while reversing is not clear. Moreover I find that the rear view mirror cannot be moved to adjust the driver's view because of the monitor mounted on it. Would you reccommend a better solution for this problem of unclear image and the inability to move the monitor mounted rear view mirror to the desired positions? I would also like to know whether bumper mounted sensore are better?
By Vijayakumarpn 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

The problem of uclear image is due to poor lighting available during night and also depends on quality of camera. If needed the monitor can be mounted on adjustable base. Fitting of sensors does cover whole bumper.In monitor you can get indication with beam showing safe distance from any possible obstacle. As the movement of vehicle in reverse is much lesser fitting of rear bumper cameras is optional and depends upon expertise of the driver.It can be managed with good looking at rearview mirror in cabin.However fitting of camera or sensors does help to avoid hitting of obstacles while taking reverse and helps to gauge distance from rear side vehicles.To choose one of Sensor or Camera, Fitting of camera is better as it gives better images.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Hi Shiva nice advise and one more thing he already having a camera on his car.View definitely depend on the quality of camera and the rear illumination.Easy way is fix an extra reverse light.You may shift the monitor to dash for easy view.

Answer by Panicker 01 January 2010

dont choose reverse sensor,its not effective. keep this camera and change the monitor position to dash, add light source for rear

Answer by Srikanth 11 November 2010

Srikanth why u say reverse sensors are not effective?Can u explain ur point please

Answer by Varinder Singh 11 November 2010

how to install 7 inch car video monitor
at swift vxi hatchback ?

Answer by Tonmoy 06 June 2016

I want to fit reverse camera system for my swift dzire 2016 model...pls suggest best qaulity camera with night vision 100% and water proof and better monitor..

Answer by Saran 01 January 2017
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