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Hi,i just bought a scorpio AT with mHAWK engine.a friend told me that the engine has to be kept idling for one minute after starting and before it necessary for this engine?please advice.

By Chandy Chandapillai on Jan 23, 2010


  • Expert Hi,
    Its not mandatory to keep Engine in idling while starting and stoping. If the engine is kept in idling the engine gets warm up for smoother performance.
    The engine is kept inidling before stoping so as the enable better cooling.
    Specifically cooling system works once the heat of coolent present reaches above 82 degree centigrade or so.So some people follow the method of keeping engine idling till water pump works and cooling happens before switching off engine.
    In short it wont make significant changes if you keep engine in idling during starting and switching off.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jan 23, 2010

  • The idle of the engine is recommended if the engine is cold at the time of the first start. It helps the engine oil to get running to all parts, specially the turbo. 1 min is not necessary, it depends on the weather conditions. Its just that the engine needs to reach operational temperatures before you put load on the vehicle. Before stopping the engine, usually 15-20 sec is enough.
    Answer by Gurdeep Singh on Feb 8, 2010

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