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hi experts Am planning to go in for a new car . I have shortlisted TATA INDIGO CS and SWIFT ( both diesel) INDIGO CS has bigg plus point of a decent boot. But am not sure of TATA so current INDIGO CS users and auto experts can u give ur opinion on INDIGO CS . I have never used a TATA vehicle yet.
By Samir 01 January 2010

I think You go with swift

Answer by Gaurav 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

The main thing is the truse factor and usual perception about Tata Vehicles. Indeed Indigo CS is a good car with features of sedan and hatchback. Its reliable and cost effective for what it offers. However Swift has its own advantages of proven performance and choice of many. If you spacious interiors, cost effectiveness is main criteria then Indigo CS would be a great option.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

As an owner of both Tata Indigo (petrol, not CS)and Maruti cars (800, Zen, Omni), I have a definite bias in favour of Maruti Ltd (great machines, state-of-the-art technology, good mileage, extensive service, good resale value). Indigo is sturdy. A bit heavy to handle (Tatas tend to build their cars like trucks), it feels sluggish.

Answer by Nishikant 01 January 2010

None of the Tata vehicles are so bad. If you have no problem with average quality then the Indigo CS will do. However, these are reliable too for Indian roads. But my choice would be a Swift diesel.

Answer by Khalid Faridi 01 January 2010

i got my worst nightmairs with my tata indigo never go for tata cars and wen ever we go for a service for tata cars we get least satisfaction
worst service centers beter go for suzuki models

Answer by Raghu 01 January 2010
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