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Dear All, mine is maruti versa. I bought it 9 months ago. it has 155/80 R 13 LT tyres. Out of these 4 tyres, rear tyres are almost worn out and front tyres still can be used for around 25000 km. Now, due to more bumping nature of light truck tyres, I would like to change to normal tyres of size 175/70 R13. Is it compulsory that all 4 tyres should be of same size and brand. OR it can be front set of one brand and size [ 175/70] and rear tyres of other size [155/80] and brand. pls suggest. also, what is the minimum Kilometer or time required to change the timing belt for MPFI engine. rgds suresh
By Suresh 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

If the rim size is same ie R13 then you can go for different speed ratings tyres. It wont affect much. Butif you want to change tyre size if R14 etc then all tyre are to be changed.
Timing belt is generally changed once in 60 or 80K km of usage.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

dear siva,
thanks for your suggestion, to understand better I will fit 175/70 R13 ON front and will use 155/80 R 13 for rear. Hope this will be OK. pls confirm

Answer by Suresh 01 January 2010

Also, use the same brand, for keeping the thread pattern same. it also will give better looks.

Answer by Benny 01 January 2010


I suggest you to change all four tyres so that your van will be very stable on high speed ie on highways.175/70R please check the road clearance so that you may not touch big speedbreakers.(70 is the height of the tyre,orginal is 155/80R) ie's the profile of the tyre.

Answer by Ramesh 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

I do not suggest a different profile as tyres are a safety related product and any tinkering with that will lead to understeer,or oversteer and further whether there is place for the axles to move up and down due to reduced gap in the system.
Kindly check with Maruti Engineer who is available at every dealer point on a particular day and time which you can get from the Works manager.
Then you will have a problem when one of the tyres get punctured. Which size you will use on the same axle.You cannot see all this and due to oversight some accidents are caused.
Do not do anything which affects the life.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 01 January 2010
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