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Dear Mr.Siva, I recently purchaed a used opel corsa 1.4 gsi, it sall xcellent in evry way, engine, suspension... but the earlier user welded the silencer pipe to the middle muffler which dramatically broken when crossing a hump; planning to increase height along with new silencer, all the silencer rubber holding points are good. I am a cool driver not more than 120 on high way. To what max. height this can be raised with metal spacers. mial me back - Thanks in advance - Suresh, mob-9866136673
By Suresh 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though the height can be raised by one or two inches, it wont be a good idea in going for the same as it can affect dynamic balance of the car and hence may result in topling up in high speeds such as 120 KMPH or so.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

The best you can do is increasing tyre profile and air 2-3 points more than recommended. But all these will need little sacrifice in comfort.

Answer by Benny 01 January 2010

Hi I do own a Opel Corsa ( Swing). But I think the heights of all Corsas are the same whether Swing Sail or plain Sedans.
I too have a problem with my muffler on account of the low chassis and the fact that most speed breakers are not designed to required specifications.

I did not know you could raise the chassis. It would be nice if you could forward any advise you may receive so that I could also try out raising the chassis with metal spacers.



Answer by Dhanraj 01 January 2010

Dear Suresh,

Dont do anything which affect to the original shape of the car. the balance,suspension is much better from other cars. the only problem is the hight of the car. for that drive you car more carefully Dont go stright on the speed breakar. Try to put only one wheel at a time on the top of the speed breaker means complytely slowdown the speed of the car and go like zic zac on the speedbreaker what i use all the time.Don't worry about the taffic for a movement.

Answer by Milind Yadav 01 January 2010
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