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Hi Shiva, I am confused between New Estilo lxi and A star lxi. Both have the same price approx and share the same engine. I have a family of three and want a performer with a decent mileage. Please suggest. Thanks.
By Shreyan 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the two Zen Estilo would be a better option on account of decent look,spacious interiors.You can expect mileage of 15KMPL on an average.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Both are not worth it at present. at same price points or marginally higher chevrolet beat would be better esp with a class leading mileage and killer pricing.
other option wud be to wait for ford figo's pricing - car is likely to be better than chevy beat.

Answer by Shama 01 January 2010

both cars you have chosen are s"crap" . What Shama has pointed out that the Chevrolet Beat is much value for money, good looking, high mileage and plus Chevy is giving a 3 year Free servicing and maintainence package. The FIGO will be launched by the year end. And going by Fords reputation it is much better going with Chevrolet.

Answer by Ashu 01 January 2010

If these are the only cars you have zeroed then A-Star seems better options. Else there are others options too in the market at same / low price and are better than these 2.

Answer by Mac14 01 January 2010

Hi Shreyan,

I got some thing to say. One of my friends is also in the same confusion. So we went for a test drive of both.
We got a Estilo for drive wihich was not a brand new one.
I felt ashamed on the power to weight ratio for the Estilo. Being the tyres fully inflated, it was less responsive to the gas pedel [there were 4 of us inside]. A 2004 model Alto is more powerfull. Driving comfort is ok, but the new cable shift is too too bad. It needs to struggle to drop in the correct position.

Boot space is all most [99%] similar to my Alto [Meanwhile to say: I own a 04 model Alto]. Front seats are ok to sit and drive too. Rear seat is ok to travell than front seats, but if some one who is tall happened to sit in front, sure the rear sitting guy has to step on the seat. Hardly 15 cm gap for the legs. Steering is ok for that car.

I specifically said the test driven Estilo was not a brand new one. So it gave me the actual feel of the car in long run [recall what I said about the gear shift]. A brand new can may give a good perfomance, but since we need to know the real effect in long run I feel that old car helped it out.

A-Star gives good milage (3-4 kms more) with latest K- series engine. Price too is less for the same. Drive results I will give you next week.

Answer by Shine 01 January 2010

sorry to interrupt as u hav asked the question to Mr.Shiva only.But i couldnt stop myself from answering your query as i want you to get more out of the money u spend.zen estillo is crap.completely comparison to even a-star.though it has been launched with a new engine,it still looks funny.its a lil girlie too.moreover a-star looks good and more stable on turns at high speed.Chevy beat would be a gr8 option considering it has a more powerful engine n 3 yr warranty.a-star looks sporty and much more compact.if u can wait for a lil wqhile,nissan micra would be d best choice for a family of three..its small and proven itself all over.

Answer by Dhruv Kapoor 01 January 2010

out of the 2...A-star is the better one

Answer by Harsha 01 January 2010
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