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hai dis s govindaraj ...m plannin 2 buy a new car ..m confused between i20-asta 1.4L diesel version & honda jazz ...pls suggest which is better
By Govindaraj 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the two I20 would make a better option for the power, features and price compared to that of Jazz.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

surely i20...cuz more features more power greater performance and less price than jazz...

Answer by Bhushit 01 January 2010

Go got i20, Few reasons.
1. Its Diesel, you will save on a long run
2. Jazz is going to the first Car from Honda, which will severely face poor resale value.
3. Pay for what you need, and not what the company needs for its Brand!
4. Again with i20: low cost maintenance from Hyundai and you can expect good resale.
6. i20 is a big hatch comes with a big car look and reasonable price, Jazz comes with a Big car's price but its a small car from every angle!

Answer by Benny 01 January 2010

no doubt the i20 is far more better than jazz
in all sorts i20 scores better
so i would suggest u should go in for i20

Answer by Sanmeet 01 January 2010

A HONDA is a comparisons with hyundai.moreover u are comparing to different cars.first question here is what do u prefer,petrol or diesel?i drive hyundai verna crdi.and let me tell you,that car is pure pleasure.mainly because of its im sure even i 20, since it uses the same technology,will be a pleasure to drive,but in petrol,honda is unbeatable.considering the price,i do feel i 20 is a better option,but i feel if you dont mind spending that much for a small car,then you should take a test drive and check it out for yourself.moreover,if your running is not too much,then a petrol car wouldnt be a bad option.

Answer by Dhruv Kapoor 01 January 2010

Don't go just for the brand name but make yourself for VFM Value for Money and no doubt i20 is better than jazz.It doesn't make sense to spend huge amount of money just for a brand and small car.You can also try the skoda Fabia ,small car but fully loaded.

Answer by Sushil Kumar 01 January 2010

i20 stands longway ahead in terms f perfrmnce/look/interiors and ofcourse the ride comfrt, so i suggest you the same

Answer by Rithesh 01 January 2010
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