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Hello All experts and my accent friends, I have an Accent CRDi having a problem with starting. This not happens on a particular time (like cold start) But at any time(even after a run). When I approached an authorized service center, they suggested that the injector pump need to be calibrated since it covered 1lakh KMs. But its looks like some problem with electrical parts. While turning the key to start, a "Click" sound occurs and that's it but if we try after some time, it will start. Basically there is a lagging while starting. One of my friend told me that it may be a problem with starting motor. Does any body have an experience? All suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance. Regards Abi
By Abhilash 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

The problem could be due to either impriper fuel injector or due to low voltage Battery. Recommended to check battery condition and later on injection system.The chances of problem with starter motor is very slim.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Dear friends,
An update on my issue. When it happened last time, one of my friend was with me and he said may be a problem with central lock. As his suggestion removed the central lock connector under hood(bonnet), and it started. Now I am little more confused. Is there any relation between central lock and starting problem of engine? Please help me to solve.
Regards and Thanks,

Answer by Abhilash 01 January 2010

Your Problem has nothing to do with the FIP or injectors, its either a weakening Battery, Bad Terminal Connection or a Starter Solenoid Problem.

Answer by Kevin 01 January 2010

Hello Team,
Another update from my end. Couple of days before went for a city drive after about 15KMs I stopped, Then my car refused to start. After few minutes, it started and visited an electrical shop. They advised to change the starting motor. After that till this moment, it didn't show the problem. I think it resolved by replacing the starting motor.
Regards and Thanks,

Answer by Abhilash 02 February 2010

Yes. it is the correct solution to your problem. The motor was not able to take the starting load and the solenoid was coming in between releasing the power circuit to stop damage to battery.

Answer by BK Mishra 04 April 2010
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