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Hi, Can the seats of Maruti Versa can be fitted to new Maruti Eeco van? I prefer to fix 5 seater versions.
By Manjunath 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Currently this information is not available as we have to ensure if dimensions of seats of versa and Eeco are same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Why do you fix old seats when Eaco having 05 seater variant (5,7 seats variants available with or without A/C).

Answer by Panicker 01 January 2010

Hi The new Eeco is the flat roof version of the Versa so the internal seat dimensions are the same as Versa.... How ever all what you have to do is ask at the time of order that you would like the Eeco to be a five seater since the new Eco is coming with various variants.

If you are from Delhi I would suggest you get in touch with Rana Motors in Delhi to get the exact details of the new product. I have see the new Eeco on the road and since I have had a Versa I checked the Dimentions and they are exactly the same. The difference between the 2 products are:
1) The engine is down sized to 1200 CC.
2) The roof is changed to a flat roof.
3) The headlights are now changes to the new cristal lights.

Overall the new variant is a better verson in term of the safety.

Answer by Tarun Trivedi 01 January 2010

Thank u all of u for your kind response.since eeco doesn't come with good seats i thought of going for a better seats.



Answer by Manjunath 01 January 2010

You can buy push-back seats of at pudupet. There are 3 different types of seats available now for eeco. The cost is around 11k to 13k for a row(3 seats).

Answer by Amarnath Umapathy 01 January 2013

It is possible to change the seats. I bought 5 seater version and altered the entire seats, now i have pushback seats with headrest for the centre row and normal seats with headrest for back row all front facing. If you are not planning for gas then you will have enough legroom too.
Amarnath Umapathy.

Answer by Amarnath Umapathy 05 May 2011

where to buy seats of versa to fit them in maruti eeco van

Answer by Sitar 07 July 2011

Hello where did you altered the entire seats of maruti ecco,I also have a MARUTI EECO 7 str and would like to alter them with new ones with head rest..if u could provide the address where u got then altered it will help me a drop mer a mail

Answer by Jayesh 11 November 2011

can i fit power steering,rear ac and headrests in ecco??

Answer by Shubham 01 January 2014

dear sir
i have maruti versa 2005 model my car head lights r very poor,i would like to change new eeco head light doom&back danger signal lights is it possible? without any alteration

Answer by Siddique 02 February 2014

I am not sure of if the headlamps will be straight fit or not.
I would suggest you to go with higher wattage bulb adding a relay. It is cheapest, reliable and efficient upgrade.
Other than that, look for HID kits in Versa, though rare, you may get some aftermarket guy who can source it for you.
They are expensive but complete VFM if you want sharp illumination.

Answer by AD 03 March 2014

I have altered my Maruti Ecco's seats with Maruti Versa's seat for the end and 3rd row.
u can fit he foldable seat for the 2nd row of versa to ecco . for the row seat u have to adjust the nut bolt fitting for the seat to be fitted .u can u use it as 5 seater or 8 seater by making this alteration.

Answer by Bali 04 April 2014

i have maruti eeco 5 seater i want make this 8 seater how it could be possible please tell me in kolkata where i get center folding 3 seat please tell me

Answer by Sibaji Dutta 09 September 2015

Yes i want same seats for maruti ecco 5 seater.
Also inside cover of doors are want to be replace. Can both available near mumbai or pune

Answer by Prasad D 08 August 2018
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