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I had a small accident on my HH passion, the headlight and speedometer is in ver bad state and needs to be replaced. Now I am thinking of changing it but not the regular one but something new so that it gives the bike a modified look. I have thought of replacing a small round headlight and a small circular(cone shaped) speedometer, can you recommend which headlight and speedometer should I go with (plz dont say original is better)??? I did search and found that bajaj caliber has a small headlight but I want more smaller one and dont know much about speedometer, can you recommend me also the price that it will cost ??

By Shantanu on Jan 20, 2010


  • Expert passion orignal speedo meter 750 old good piece in stock with me ..
    Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai on Jan 20, 2010

  • bajaj calibre is good but yamaha RX 100 is perfect and it is cheap also.Or otherwise go for bajaj CT 100. All the best.
    Answer by Anil Manne on Jan 22, 2010

  • Expert Hi,
    As you are loking for modification, fitting RX headlight would be a right option.It can cost around 750 Rs.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jan 24, 2010

  • First thing is you are taking right decision, I think better than going for some company's head lamp, you should go out and check some stores where you can find some customed head lamp . I think that would be the better option.
    Answer by Sami on Feb 25, 2010

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