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I plan to buy a Hyundai i10 Magna from an used car dealer which is Nov 2007 model in good condition and has all the documents properly.It is 42000 KM done and the dealer has changed all four tyres and battery. Also the car has music system, leather seat covers etc. He is qouting 3.25 L as final price. Please advice me on this whether i can go for it.
By Hariharan 01 January 2010

If it is the 1.2 Kappa engine(doubtful, as i think it released in 2008), the price should be around 3.00 lacs
The brand new is around 4.35
If it is the 1.1 L IRDE engine, the price should be below 2.8 lacs.

Answer by Neel Chowdhury 01 January 2010


This is 1.1 L IRDE engine, nov 2007 and 42000 KM done.

Answer by Hariharan 01 January 2010

hey it cant be more than 2.6 if you are in delhi i will give you best deal contact me at
or call me at dinesh -9212633297

Answer by Bittu 01 January 2010

dude...teh new one will cost uou 3.96lc. why spending 3.25 for a second hand one, that too 2 yr old. teh maximum that u can give is 2.7lc

Answer by Rajesh 01 January 2010

HariHaran I am also selling my I-10 Era (Nov 2007) and my car is only 27000 Kms done. All accessories are original and the car is fully loaded (Central locking, Gear Lock, 6" DVD Touchscreen). Contact me at 9999410007 to know more.


Answer by Amit 01 January 2010

Dear Hariharan the price quoted is very high dont buy that price ask dealer to decrese price at 2.60 lakh

Answer by Dilraj 01 January 2010

The car is highly overpriced.Anyway, I wouldnt go for a second hand car for Rs3.25 lacs.

Answer by Robin 01 January 2010

If that is the price you can go for new one.That rate sholud be below 2-2.5 lakhs.If you ready to spend 4+ go for Chevrolet Beat/or any new car.

Answer by Panicker 01 January 2010

Hi guys,

I am in Bangalore and this car is also in Bangalore. Is this prices suggested by you guys applicable to cars in Bangalore as well, because I feel the car prices are much higher in Bangalore than in New Delhi. Please adivice.

Answer by Hariharan 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Consideering the onroad price of i10 magna at around 4.5 lac and considering usage, features etc the quoted price seems to be quite of . But if the same can reduce the price to 3.1 lac then it would be best deal.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010
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