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can u please tell wht shud b d optimum speed so as to get gud mileage?..any range..? .its a chevy spark

By Param on Jan 20, 2010


  • Hi Param, I am also driving Chevy spark also a few friends of mine. Mileage we are getting in 11km/ltr in city with A/C on and 15 on highway. we have tried all options but this is the best that this car gives. Engine used in this car is an old technology and can't give better then this. I have checked with Chevy service centres but they have no satisfactory replies. we have no option but to bear this.
    Answer by Ashish on Jan 20, 2010

  • Drive at the max torque speed in which ever gear you are operating.If you have the RPM meter I can tell you the best speed in each gear and thereby you will get the best designed and lowest fuel consumed speed.
    Dr P C RAO ,Consultant,PUNE
    Answer by Dr P C Rao on Jan 20, 2010

  • driving in a range of 60-70kmph speed fetches good mileage. This is the speed even some fuel suppliers suggest too.
    And Dr. rao i dont think there is a necessity of taking the vehicle to max torque speed(rpm) at every gradient or road no doubt that will increase the engine life marginally and a long term precaution. But Mr Param there are many paramaters marring the mileage of ur car viz, ur driving style, ac usage, braking pattern, clutch use etc..
    Tanay Navelkar.
    Answer by Tanay Navelkar on Jan 21, 2010

  • Hello,

    For most small cars you will get the best average if you follow some simple things while driving.
    Gear Max Speed
    1st 10 kmph
    2nd 20 kmph
    3rd 30 kmph
    4th 40 kmph

    Once you touch 40 kmph you should shift to 5th gear. Avoid using much of clutch and braking hard. Dont accelerate suddenly but in a gradual manner. Avoid short distance drives involving sudden starts and stops. You will atleast find an increase in your fuel efficiency by 20%.

    Happy driving
    Answer by Shikhar on Jan 21, 2010

  • I did around 900 km in a friend's Spark when my Vehicle was in native ,it given me average 20 km without a/c and almost we covered the route only through high way.Speed was 70-90.60-70 will give the good average.Good car but I feel Wagon R is something better.
    Answer by Panicker on Jan 21, 2010

  • Expert Hi,
    To get best of mileage, drive at constant speed as muchas possible.Plan your journey to use less traffic roads,avoid loss of fuel in idling.Maintain the car in good condition.With that you may get mileage of 20KMPL max.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jan 23, 2010

  • This is to do with Shikhar's response. at his given speeds SPARK will feel short of torque. 40 kmph is too low for fifth gear to get optimum rpm/torque.
    GM recommends rpm value of minimum 2000 and max 2500 for changing the gears and some calculations (for SPARK) BASED ON GEAR RATIOS AND WHEEL PARAMETERS/ratios give the following recommendations

    First Gear 13-16 change to second gear at 2600 rpm at 17
    Second gearr 23-29 change to third gear at 2600 rpm at 30
    Third Gear 35-44 change to fourth gear at 2500 rpm at 44
    Fiourth geatr46-58 change to fourth gear at 2500 rpm at 58
    and keep the highest speed limit to 75 kmph only even in fifth gear.

    SPARK does not have an RPM meter and max torque speed may not be good criteria.
    Answer by RAKESH on Jan 23, 2010

  • i have creta petrol which is showing a millage of 11km/ltr but company claiming 15/ltr
    Answer by Amiya Sahoo on Sep 2, 2015

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