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Hi Please tell me How's Opel Astra performance and maitenance wise??? Is it good to own a 2003 car at 1,50,000
By Talha 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Performance of OPel Aastra is good and owning a 2003 model at 1.5 lac seems to be a genuine offer. before finalysing deal recommended to check out with nearest GM dealer for maintenance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Opel Astra has got limited re sale value. According to me value of any opel astra is less than one lakh. Spare parts are very expensive. I suggest avoid purchasing opel

Answer by Sri 01 January 2010

It seems to be a genuine offer and if its a petrol version you have to think abt the mileage it gives hardly 9 - 10 in city and 10 - 12 in highway.Here maintaining the Vehicle is easy.

If its a deisel version It gives more than 15, but you have to maintain the Vehicle in a Proper Center

Answer by Prasanna 01 January 2010

opel astra to me is a straight NO
very expensive on mantainence and mileage,you should go for esteem rather.

Answer by KUNAL 01 January 2010

Open Astra is very very good vehicle you should know something about Cars thn its very good vehicle. You should know how to get cheap part that you have to arrange. Here everyone will say its expensive and so many things but if you want to enjoy driving you should have Opel astra or Ceilo. Only 2 exact luxary cars are there in India new cars are all worst or old Honda city. If you know how to arrange parts from where to arrange part please go ahead and try to bargain as much as you can. If you think that you can get the parts on cheap rate and also you know some good local mechanic BLINDLY go for opel astra very very nice vehicle. I go for 2000 - 2500 km 3 time in a year. I have 1998 model opel ASTRA and last month I went to bhopal 2100km from Bangalore and back 2100km. No problem in my complete trip. JUST GO FOR IT....

Answer by Vijayenda Kumar S 01 January 2010

I do recommend an opel astra if it is petrol and above 2000 model.provided if you get a good car with low milage,and also you should have a multi brand workshop people to get the service. As many said parts are expensive only if you do the maintenance in Authorised general motors dealers were they charge . Since you are only spending only 1,50,000 ,it is worth if it is in a good condition.
personaly i will tell you the confort/safty feeling etc still it is better than many new generation car,regarding milage as many said i do get only 9 to 10km in city and up to 12 in HW,
I own an opel astra full option petrol which is purchased in 2002 above 8 laks, and you get 2003 for a price of 1,50000 is i feel is good but try to bargain maximum possible

Answer by Mathew 01 January 2010

opel astra to me is a straight NO is a losers answer, any thing a very expensive unless you can afford it, and in CARS you cannot count that way and on mantainence and mileage,why you should go for esteem rather, My esteem gives 13 KM.
so I have planned for an OPEL ASTRA even though I am a low middle class , low income person.

Answer by Mhshariff 03 March 2010
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