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I would like to buy an Avenger, however as its the beginning of a new year, i am expecting a newer improved model from bajaj, is there any thing on charts in near future, if yes can any one share with me the developments and by when the new model is expected. Also, is it possible to request bajaj to provide rear disk breaks and tubeless tyre directly from M.Unit, as the retailers are clueless.
By Amit 01 January 2010

It is highly likely that Bajaj would eventually plonk in the 220cc dts-si engine (carb version) in the Avenger ( This has to be the only possible upgrade for Avenger). The best thing is that this would be really easy for Bajaj to do since they already have a ready engine for the same.

But Bajaj has made no announcements/commitments regarding the same and so we don't really know as to how much time the whole launch process will take.

In India, you can easily forget about any customizations from the manufacturing unit. Bikes are made in assembly lines and any change for a particular unit mean big $$$ expenses for them. So it's just not possible. Also, rear disc break in a cruiser is absolutely unnecessary.

What you can do is - Buy alloys and replace the spokes and buy off good tubeless from after-market stores - that is a good upgrade.

I suggest you're better off buying a second hand Avenger or waiting few months for news on the upgraded Avy.. Also, try mailing Bajaj and see if they give out any info !!

Ride On !!!

Answer by Bhavesh 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Mr Bhavesh has given all info regarding avenger.It would be a good idea in going for a used one thanwaiting for upgraded versions which are not in cards in near future.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Thanks Bhavesh, in my recent onlook for more info on avenger, I come to know that earlier it was known as Eliminator, and the engine has been imported from Kawasaki. and also that eliminator has beeter performance in comparison Avanger, something similar to people using old bullet to the new.
Please comment, and what is a genuine price for an old avenger, what is to been seen when buying an old bike. and is any one interested in selling.
Well I am planning to travel dalily from Mira Road to Parel, in that case my travel is approx 100km right now i was using TVS VICTOR, but such long journey on it started developing in back pain many a times.
Hence i tought a cruise bike may be a better option, and also a good out going bike with my family of 3.
What is your experience, please suggest.

Answer by Amit 01 January 2010
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