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Is accent CRDI a good vehicle? If yes i ve three question How much can i pay for a 2003 Accent CRDI 1st owner black color.It has done 60,000 kms with spoiler,MP3,no dents,service records,current insurance. What will be average mileage i'll get from this vehicle Can i trust this vehicle to go for long trips. How abt maintanance?

By Hari on Jul 24, 2008


  • Expert Accent CRDI - is a good vehicle.

    1.2003 Accent- CRDI you should pay 2.80 lacs.

    2.You will get 10 kilometer per litre. can trust the vehicle in long trips pls also get a service done thru authorised service station before you move for long trip.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jul 24, 2008

  • Accent Rocks....
    I recently got Accent GLX 2001 model for 2.1 lacs.
    Gives me about 8.5 to 9 kmpl in extreme traffic conditions.
    However the mileage moves upto about 10+ on long distance trips.
    absolute makhan if u maintin it well
    please check the battery & tyres & gear box assembly and negotiate accordingly for the price is the owner has not changed them.

    Answer by Sam on Jul 24, 2008

  • Accent CRDI is a good vehicle (for both long commutes and city driving- if vehicle is in a good condition, it gives 15-17 kmpl as average on outdoors)

    But here are issues-
    1. U are looking at a 2003 model (over 5 years old and has done about 60k)- By the book the car only has 15% of the value. Going by on road value u can pick one up for not more than Rs 1.8 lakhs Max..... look around u will get a good deal and negotiate

    2. Maintanance for all diesel engines are the same-service ever 5000kms- 4 to 5 lts of oil change, diesel filter, oil filter, gear box & power steerin oil topup's, break oils (so parts total upto 1-1.5 k) and another 1k for the mechanic (slightly less if u r leaving it outside the showroom which is recommended if u have a good mechanic)

    2. Remember the vehicle has done 60k- so sooner or later in less than 1 year you will have to mostly replace mostly all the following-

    a. Wheel Bearing (5- 20k), thanks to Indian road condition

    b. Break pads, break booster (if break booster are gone then it will cost around 20k)

    c. Forgot the component in A/C which usually goes off after being run for few years (not the compressor, just cant get the name right)

    d. Power steering motor gets sluggish which will need to be re-worked (1-5k)

    e. Most important- replace Clutch plates (6- 12k)

    Saying all this cos I had owned an Ikon 1.8D and CRDI both '02 models. Both cars started breaking out the same parts as they crossed around 60k kms, and got rid of them last year.

    Best thing get a '04 + model and one which has done ~35 k so u can drive it for atleast 2 years peacefully.

    However, the car is very reliable on long journeys, i had taken both my cars out for long trips, and i go on trips every weekend.
    It drives comfortably well.

    Rem to check your milage- accent should give 15-17 kms on road almost everywhere (atleast 15 in the city) if its not giving it. Don't go for it.

    But i will recomend going for a lancer diesel of 2003 better value for money.
    Answer by Tharun Venkat on Jul 24, 2008

  • HI
    you can pay to 3.2lack .

    u want to more info plz
    call me at 9820654497

    Answer by Raj on Jul 24, 2008

  • HI,
    Accent CRDI is a good vehicle. You can trust this car for long trips. But please make sure that the services are done in the Authorized service stations. You can pay around 3Lakhs for 2003 model. A good family car which you will like more. Please donot miss the car. Get it and rock the city...
    Answer by Janakiraman on Jul 25, 2008

    Answer by Amrit Chahal on Jul 25, 2008

  • I think accent is good Vechial?
    It come with 2.30to2.60lac?
    If you purchase this car first watch vachial condition,market value?
    Accent give you avrage for 10-11kmpl!
    Answer by Ashutosh on Aug 8, 2008

  • I would go with wat tarun has said,its a very good car with great pcik up and mileage.In the city it will give you nothing less than 13 and in long you will get min 17 (depends on how you are driving).If this u r first car,please go for it!
    Price what you quoted is little at the higher end,as i have put my car for sale (2005 july --run 88kms,with excellent condition and good service and interiors) and i am expecting 3.6 -3.7 lakhs.I am not askign u buy my car,just to give you a figure and this will help you gauge.
    Answer by Chinnu on Aug 5, 2010

  • i don't know what the problem is with this guys. i have an accent crdi 2006 model with 150000 km;s odo and still going on with fuel efficiency of 22km/ltr on highways and 15kmpl/on's a good vehicle.

    Answer by Sarfaraz on Feb 15, 2011

  • hai there. i recently bought a accent 2006 model with odo redaing 145000 and still running mileage is 14 and highway is 22km/pl.has also driven her around 160kmph without issue.only thing is that maintain it in specified's a good car
    Answer by Sarfaraz on Apr 22, 2011

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