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can u tell me which ampier of battery used in swift petrol car?

By Sagar on Jan 18, 2010


  • HI,

    the ampere of the specified battery is clearly mentioned in the owners manual. Always use the specified ampere only. I have a diesel vdi swift so it requires a 65 ampere battery, tho i have fitted an amaron that is 75 ampere. All i can say is tick to the specified battery in the manual. All i can suggest is a brand and i have always trusted amaron, tho a little expensive than others, they have some awesome initial cranking power, i feel. A petrol swift requires a 45-50 ampere battery iffff i can recollect. Still better u reconfirm frm the manual.
    Happy driving.
    Answer by Xerxes on Jan 18, 2010

  • Expert Hi,
    Generally all car battery comes with 12 volts supply.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jan 20, 2010

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