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Can I go for Pulser 150 in first or second hand? Is it good for regular use means milage as well as maintance side? what are the disadvantages in pulser 150?
By Deb 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Bajaj Pulsar has the advantage of proven performance,style. Available inkick start as well as both kick start and electric start vesions. Going for New one will be more useful on account of good trouble free performance for atleast two years.
Used ones are available at around 30 to 35K.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

I have owned a Pulsar 150 from 2003 onwards. Excellent performance, mileage around 45 at all times. No complaints whatsoever. I am very happy with it even now, except that it does not have an electric start.

Answer by Yasser 01 January 2010

Definately go for new one as the disadvantage of the oler ones are cut in the new one and if u r talking about style ,performance and millege then no doubt about it that u have choosen the right bike so go for it dont wait.There is new pulsar 135ps in the market u can check out that it also got good millege and styling as its is bajaj u dont have to think of its performance it is definatly going to rock ur world.

Answer by Abhijit 01 January 2010

The Pulsar is built well, and engineered quite solidly, but the ride is uncomfortable. The Unicorn is a far better bike, although you may find it hard to get a 2nd hand bike, since most people are too happy with it.

Answer by B S Kumar 01 January 2010

Pulsar 150 is definitely a good bike to own - offering a unbeatable combination of fuel-efficiency and power. Pulsar 150 has had 3 - 4 versions/improvements in the past 6 years. If you are going in for a second hand bike, you will have to see which version you are buying, plus there are a few apparent risks. Prfereably if you can take the help of a qualified mechanic you might land up with a pretty good second hand bike, which may not need much maintenance. A 5 year old Pulsar 150 should cost in the range of 20 -25 K, then add 6 K for every added year. As Abhijeet has commented, yuo can also consider the new Pulsar 135 LS - which has the same BHP as the Pulsar 150, and would be about 12 K cheaper

Answer by Prashant Morparia 01 January 2010

Dont go for second hand model.Pulsar is a good vehicle but for long use I will not prefer it.For mileage and maintence is the main criteria then go for Honda Unicorn 150cc.It is giving you good mileage,having mono suspension so more comfort, having more refined engine and the company is offering 5 years warranty.So what else do u want....

Answer by Harish 01 January 2010

If you want to buy a Pulsar buy new one,dont go for second.I suggest you to buy a new or second hand Unicorn.Pulsar is just only for style.Unicorn never gives you trouble and it gives constant mileage (55/57) and less maintenance.

Answer by Panicker 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

this is a fact that 2006 after model is built for show and 2006 before model for quality . so it is your chice to go one .. but i m having 2004 model taken old bike in 2005 running daily 30/40km daily is very best nothing any expenceexept general service .but my friendchanged 2 pulsar 150 and 180 digital pulsar .. got loss near 70 k .. and now searching for 2006 ordinarry meter versan ..
if u want to go for new pl buy unicorn for long term use this is a very compart bike and nothing disadvantage this may proove by its performence and asper B.S.KUMAR no body person like to sell a good bike so 2nd unicorn bike rate is higher like a new price ..
go for older pulsar or new unicorn .. if u r from maharastra pl mail me i m having mahastra regn 2004 model electric start in brst condition not used from 2006 kept in godown because here cant drive other state bike so wish to sell @30k .. my mail id and cell no 8122749008

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 01 January 2010

No engine has the power & calibarity like that of the old edition Pulsars (150 or 180, upto 2005 models). An old model 180 pulsar (2005 or before that) wud easily defeat pulsar 220

Answer by Syed 03 March 2016
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