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1 Can i cange simple steering to a Power steering 2 Weather it is necess to fild Sampoo water in the bonnet for clen the frount glass with wipper. 3. is there any alternetive to using AC for romoving FOG from windscreen
By Paramdeep 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

1. Manual steering can be replaced with power steering with suitable modifictions.cost can vary drprnding upon model an spare cost.
2.Clean water is good enough for washing front wind shield.After washing wind shield wipe it with papre for better cleaning effect.
3.Switching on AC ot climate control is the best and easier method of removing fog formation.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

No, Power steering change from non-power steering is not possible.

It will require tremendous work with opening of components under bonnet and the result is not guaranteed. I doubt if any authorised service center will even agree to undertake this job, non authorised are risky and you may end up messing your car. Advice: Dont do with unauthorised dealers.

Shampoo droplets in water is good to clean the front windshield.

In winters, switch ON AC OR heater. Else you may also try opening windows for few moments when the visibility goes quite low and close the windows when it is back to normal.

Answer by Amit 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Normal steering can be easily changed to a power steering. Before power steering became nearly a standard feature in cars there were many companies that did the conversion. Cost then was high but has considerably reduced since.
Clean water is normally sufficient however shampoo (specially meant for the windshield) helps get rid of stubborn particles easier.
Misting on the windshield forms when the temperature inside the car (due to breathing mainly) goes higher then the outside temperature. Condensation therefore takes place on the inside of the windshield. AC (not the heater, as it will increase the condensation on the windscreen)is the fastest and easiest way to prevent windshield misting as it cools the cabin and reduces humidity. If your car is not equipped with the same keep the windows open a little. The cool air coming in from outside will neutralize the cabin temperature and will have the same effect.

Answer by Quraish 01 January 2010

A lot of people are still confused with humidity issues that cause fogging. It is when the interior is dry that you won't have fogging, and has nothing to do with the AC or heater. In order to not allow condensation, you need to keep the moisture in the car at a higher temperature OR lower relative humidity to the outside air. Depending on the humidity of the air, you may have to use either A/C or the heater, but most importantly, make sure the vents that blow air onto the inside of the windshield are clean and allow a full blast.

Answer by B S Kumar 01 January 2010

I challenge Cartrade India"s Experts, have they ever worked on a power steering unit thta they can make claims that it can be retofitted.Do they know that for Maruti cars the powersteering is done throught an electric motor which cuts off after car has reached a certain speed, how are they going to do that?Many of their answers are only for the guillable.

Answer by Minoo Shroff 01 January 2010

1)You can changed to power steering but not advisable because of the cost and required a major work.
2)Not neccessory but using shampoo is good for wiper blades,wind shield and more visinity.
3)Use blower or open the window.
4)Minnooooo..... I challenge you.Using EPS is not latest.

Answer by Panicker 01 January 2010

Power sterring on Santro xing can be fixed provided u get all parts and a competent garage. Cost is around 35k if fitted in showroom.. u also get these parts in second hand yards

Answer by Balki 07 July 2018
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