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Hi,I bought an i20 asta in Nov 2009.Nice and fuel efficient car with an average of 14.5 km/litre without AC in city drive.However, while driving it on rough roads a vibrating sound comes from the dashboard which vanishes on smooth roads.Is it a usual thing in this model or it is there with my car only?Can anyone comment on this,Thanks Samir
By SAMIR GUPTA 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

It can be due to weake/defective strut in front portion which is experienced at dashboard. A thorough inspection is necessary before concluding/ replacing the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

I have the same problem and it seems to pop up only when you are on rough roads, i have tried posting this issue to Hyundai a couple of times when i took my vehicle for servicing. I have heard a lot about hyundai's after sales but to my utter dissapointment they have not taken this seriously.

Answer by Sharat Menon 01 January 2010


Need not to worry...
Its a Genuine problem with all Hyundai cars, even my Sonata also got the same problem, even a brand new I10 sports had also the same problem..

U can do one thing, can try with Nitrogen in tyres instead of air. It will increase the suspension comfort, as nitrogen will increase the absorbsion of vibrations & resists them to transfer to suspensions so may it will help u out on rough roads....

Answer by Swapnil Natu 01 January 2010

Hi samir,
I too experience same problem in my i20 asta, Nov2008. i fedup taking this issue to deffrnt Hyundai dealers. finaly one guy concluded ,there is something called Urrethine pad to be fitted, and this part is out of stock with Hyundai. last week when i contacted the technician, he told me atleat one more month. So you ask the dealer about this part.

Answer by Rithesh 02 February 2010

I too face the same problem with my i20 purchase at the end of Jan'10. After I did couple of visits to Hyundai dealer to get this addressed, it seems to be better but bad on rough roads. It feels as though wheel bearings have gone bad.

The answer i got from the technician is its same with all the i20s. Not sure why Hyundai is not addressed it so far.


Answer by William 02 February 2010

Thnx Liza for ur answer and guidance. I have booked an i10magna automatic today and am expected to get the delivery tomorrow i.e., on 25.02.10. As I have never driven an automatic trnsmission vehicle before, I shall be gratefull if I am kept updated for tips of how to drive an automatic car sensibly. I shall also be gratefull if I can have mobile nos. of some of those who own such automatic transmission vehicles so that I can seek their advice from time to time. Thnx. 9810738520

Answer by Rajesh Narula 02 February 2010
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