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I am planning to buy a bike and confused between Karizma R(old model)and pulsar 220. Please advise
By Saurabh 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though performance of both are good, Karizma has slight edge over Pulsar 220 cc.Hence makes a better selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Take any Yamaha bike since the technology is new and refreshing experience. The finish of the bikes is outstanding and you can look at the Fazer model. Bike stability is very good on high speeds and on sudden braking.

Answer by Vaibhav 01 January 2010

I have been riding a Karizma since the last 5 years. The bike topps the pulsar 220 in all aspects except one, cost of maintainance and cost of spare parts. for example i recently put in a new sprocket, chain and speedometer sesnor and this stuff cost me about 13000 bucks. Think about the costs involved before you buy. Also the resale prices for a karizma are excellent

Answer by Mashhad 01 January 2010

I used Karizma for 4 years.... (Older Model - the model before R) and Honestly there is nothing to get confused about, Pulsar doesn't even come closer to ZMA.

Answer by Omkar 01 January 2010

i have been using the zma for 1.5 yrs now, n my frnd has owned a P220 for roughly d same amount of tym.. here r d pros n cons of each bike:
P220 gives more bang for the buck as it is 15k cheaper than d zma n is slightly more powerful due to higher ps & bhp..
on the other hand, like any bajaj bike, d P220 starts falling apart after a year of regular use.. n maintainence goes up, but that will happen with any high-end bike you buy except for yamaha..
mileage wise, P220 is slightly better than the zma..
hero honda service is much better than bajaj..

n many more such arguments for each bike, but my final word of advice:
if u r plannin to keep this bike for a period of less than 2-3 yrs then go with P220.. coz it runs amazingly for d first 2 yrs, but starts giving problems later on.. but if u plan 2 keep this bike for the long run as in 5 yrs or more, i suggest d karizma.. it will cost you 15k more right now but will pay off in the future because d hero honda engine is much more reliable than bajaj...

My choice:Karizma(Long Run)
P220(Short Run)

Answer by Salil 01 January 2010

Any day Karizma is a better bike than Pulsar..Pulsar owners have always complained about its maintenance after sometime..Pulsar make lots of sound is not maintained properly after sometime..

Answer by Asif Alam 01 January 2010

Go for Karizma, then u will neva go for any other bike

Answer by Gurjeet 01 January 2010

I have used Karizma for about like 4-5 months and then suddenly I have to move abroad. Its a very nice bike, you don't have to think anything, just go to the showroom and simply but it. No other bike will overcome Karizma. Though its a bit costly but the bike performance is superb and I suggest you Karizma only.

Answer by Mohit 01 January 2010

I m using Karizma 2004 model, no problem bike, H.H machine & finishing quality is very good & pulsar any model NO NO.
Bajaj machines r not that refined & reliable, after 1 year 80% bajaj bikes silancer starts rusting , sounds differently.
Karizma or Yamaha any bike is a good branded choice.

Answer by Rakesh Malgundkar 01 January 2010

Hey, I am from future.I can say you Pulsar 220 is a Legendary bike.Karizma can not come close to 220

Answer by Jack Sparrow 08 August 2022
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