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i have a 2001 zen vxi. . .itz done 190000 kms.....the problem is with the brakes ...they are not sharp as b4....during my last service i changed the liners n the booster...but they are still the same....the car still drives well beyond 120 n averages between 14 to 20 kmpl......can u suggest me wat can be the problem vt the brakes ...n wat can be done

By Deepak on Jan 11, 2010


  • Expert Hi,
    Get it checked if bleading is done properly.Also effectiveness of brake should never be too sharp so as to avoid skidding.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jan 11, 2010

  • Expert Yes, that is a good answer given by Shiv Kumar.
    No doubt Zen brakes are not that very good but it is okay
    for its funcioning but not sharp. Sharp will get a bit of skidding but it is doing its work.You have to press harder and see.I also have a similar car done 67000 Kms in the last nine years and I am very happy with it but for Engine Noise which Maruti Engineers could not do anything. It is so bad that it is like a Sewing machine in our Building when it comes at night.
    Dr P C Rao Green Consultant, Pune
    Answer by Dr P C Rao on Jan 12, 2010

  • if the brakes have detoriarated in performance as u say u may try spraying the drum with a spray for brakes by pidilite .... its basically a de-greasing spray...
    Answer by Lloyd on Jan 13, 2010

  • Please check the drum and disc if there is any rust or
    any corretion. Apply some penetrating oil or use to slightly
    apply 0-water paper.
    Answer by Jins on Jan 13, 2010

  • MY CELL NUMBER-9600007275 PLZ CAL ME
    Answer by Premraj on Jan 13, 2010

  • Its better to sell and buy a new car ASAP. This is what I am going to do if I see this problem on my CAR.
    Answer by ASHAKAR on Jan 15, 2010

  • Why don't you get disc brakes installed ? Ask your service center people.
    Answer by Member on Jan 16, 2010

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