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I am planning to buy a used Fiat Palio Petrol. This is going to be my first car & I think it will fit my budget of upto 1.5L. (2003-04 model) Do you think I am making the right decision, I selected this vehicle because of its low resale value (so, i will get it cheaper) great performance & good value for money. Any suggestions, comments are welcome.
By Puneet 01 January 2010

as you wrote the facts nothing is there to say but before finalising the deal, once you should get this vehicle checkled in tata fiat service centre. along with price sugessions from mechanics. and get every paper checked remaining you will be paid for your money.

Answer by Abhijeet 01 January 2010

am do agree with vinoth the car is good milege problem only exist solid built am using it from 2002 no prob at all just installed cng now no problem also with milege as 1.20 paisa per km only

Answer by Rahul 01 January 2010

yes exactly you can go for it--- great car good hatchback and comfort too speacially body is very strong but the price you had mention is little bit much THE only problem is its average on petrol low mileage but the comfort is too good and if you are in delhi than i can give you best deal contact me 9891011805

Answer by Bittu 01 January 2010

yes exactly you can go for it--- great car good hatchback and comfort too speacially body is very strong but the price you had mention is little bit much THE only problem is its average on petrol low mileage but the comfort is too good and if you are in delhi than i can give you best deal contact me 9757405940..

Answer by MR SINGH 01 January 2010

Palio is a good performance car and you can go for it, but be careful before you buy preowned car, check the car's condtion and maintenance records and tyre life. Palio will offer 9 to 10 km/liter in the city drive and 14 to 15 on a long drive, it is a safety car and solid build.

Answer by Vinoth 01 January 2010

Hi Puneet


Answer by ROHIT 01 January 2010

As all have said it is a great solid car.Vinoth,MR SINGH,Rahul,ROHIT& Abhijeet have given some useful tips, just follow them & you will not regret it.
Good luck.

Answer by Sutanu K Ghose 01 January 2010

Hi Puneet,
Buying a Palio is a good decision if you plpan to keep the car for at least 3-4 years. It's a solid car with great performance. I had to buy a new car so i have no option but to sell my Palio 1.9D in Gurgaon. Frankly...1.5 for a Palio Petrol is on the higher side.. I am offered 1.5 for my Palio diesel Jun2003 model even though my car is in excellant condition and is fully loaded. I think a good condition Palio Petrol should not be more than 1.2 (2003-2004 model)

All the best & Drive safe.


Answer by Gajendra 01 January 2010

If its power widow then 110000 price is ok
Solid body,good looks,spacious and good pick up
Parts are expensive,basically electronic car hence wiring is too much hence may cause problems if rats bite any of the wire if parked for long time.
common part that goes off is sensor if original censor is not fitted.

Answer by Sid 01 January 2010

I agree with all the good things with palio conditionally,
ie I would suggest to go for Palio NV not older palio. I am using NV getting fuel efficiency of 12 KM in city with full time AC on.
Be extra careful while evaluating the car , unlike other cars if palio is not maintained properly by the previous owner you end up spending a fortune on repairs. since most of the parts are not repairable, imported from Brazil or Italy

Answer by Antony 01 January 2010

Hi Puneet,
I m the proud owner of fiat palio nv sport(sept2004model) petrol. Car is excellent in performance and built quality is solid. There is no comparison of car of any make to palio with resepect to build quality. fuel efficeny is also better . I get 12 kmpl in mumbai city drive. spares prize arecomparable. get it checked for condition in auth. service centre before buy. Best of Luck.

Answer by Avinash 01 January 2010

Off Course your are making the right decision to buy Fiat Palio, The Rough & tough Car, But the Budget you have made is Quiet High for Petrol Version of 2003-04 Model the Price for 2003-04 would range from 1.00L to 1.20L approx in Mumbai for Good Condition & Fully Loaded Car, and Fuel Efficency would be 10 KMPL approx. If your budget is upto 1.5L. Why don't You Go for Diesel Version, which will range you from 1.25L upto 1.50L for Same Year Model & average would be around 16-18 Kmpl which is good value for Money.
The Cost of Spare part for Both Version is Bit High but insist on Original Spares which will give you good & longlasting Performance. Secondly Don't ever go for LPG or CNG Fitted Car which will give you an recurring maintainence expenses.

Answer by Prakash Desai 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Going for Palio is a good option and makes it a right selection on account of engine reliability, build quality,interior space.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Excelent choice, only fuel consumption is on the higer side, so if your monthly use is < 1000 Km per month go for it.

Answer by Ladislaus 01 January 2010

Hi Puneet,

First of all let me tell u frankly, I am a reluctant and undecided seller. Howerver, since I have posted details of the car on the site.....what the heck....I might as well sell.

My earlier car I had sold after 5 years so I thought that this car also I will sell now and upgrade myself and go for a new car. However, I would tell u a few details of the car.
Its a scrachtless and very well maintained car. For the first 4 years or so it was only being used as a weekend car running around 50 to 100 kms in a week. I stay at Mumbai and was travelling by train. Since last 6 months I have started taking the car to office and it runs 60 kms per day. Totally done 37000 kms so far. I changed the batterry last year. All 5 new Bridgestone tyres are 1 month old.
It gives 12 kms average in Mumbai city with a/c on a bumper to bumper traffic in the evening from prabhadevi to nerul. To my surprise it gave to 14.25 kms/ltre on my trip to silvassa earier during the month.
For any buyer its like buying a new car....believe me....thats the only reason i am looking for a price of Rs 175,000.....which may sound a little steep to u....
Any other small car which i land up buying ( I can afford only small segment car), I will spend 4 to 5 lacs which may give me more less the same features.

Answer by Anoop Verma 01 January 2010

Having owned a Palio, I think its really a good car and should be a prized possession which others envy.

But precisely, you should have an introspect such as why would you really like to go for a Palio---Is it becaues of its low resale value or Your affection towards the Macho Car...(You've not even mentioned your occupation & your driving profile buddy!!!). You also need to pre-define on whether you want to keep it for a long term or short. If you wish to keep it for a short term, better don't go for it. Driving Palio is an addiction. I myself have bought a second one after selling the previous one for a better option. I have been fortunate enough to get a S10 (FERRARI RED) which I was looking for!!!

Being from the Ferrari Family; it has a sound technology which is respected world-wide. There are many features which the car displays which are not seen in most of the today's cars. So, you have ennumber of reasons to go for it and very few to reject it!!! The variant (1.1, 1.2. 1.6 or 1.9) should be taken into consideration as the fuel efficiency would depend on the variant---IF POSSIBLE GO IN FOR A 1.9 DIESEL [FUEL EFFICIENCY] OR 1.6 (S10 OR GTX)[POWER DRIVE]

I Read other inputs of Palio enthusiasts also. But insist that the spares are not that tough to get as Tatas have undertaken its custody of sales n service in India. The only thing I struggled for were the new Logo-sticks of FIAT & thats all.
One thing is for sure; you won't repent on owning a Palio. Great choice buddy. Its really good to see that people still love this Legendary Beast.

If you have spotted one then congratulations...Take it to the ramp...check it...Go ahead...If you are still looking for one & are in or near Mumbai then maybe I can help you find a good one!!!


Answer by Rajesh Sharma 01 January 2010

my sweet and short advise would be not to buy fiat palio. still, if u have any fascination for palio than your price would be between 1 to 1.2 lacs.

Answer by Rohitt Saraff 01 January 2010

Wow .. it is indeed great to see answers with that minute details .. thanks a lot for your feedback. After reading all this, I am sure there are more reasons in favor of Palio rather than against it. Because my usage is going to be low (max 700 kms per month), fuel efficiency of 10+ is good enough for me ... i would still save a lot if i compare instalment i would have paid for a used santro, wagon-r etc. which were my earlier choices.
And it seems driving even a 2003 palio would be more of a fun rather than driving a 2006 santro/wagon-r. For those of you, who are interested in selling ur car or can help me buy one, i would want to contact you. (my mob is 9886658922) Eventhough I am located in bglore, i am fine buying from delhi or mumbai as prices are more competitive there. Bangalore is too costly to buy a palio. I dont mind spending 10k in transportation & 5k in registration extra. Feel free to give me further advise/suggestion and to contact me. (I will get in touch with those who have mentioned their contact numbers in this conversation) Thanks

Answer by Puneet 01 January 2010

Dear Puneet, You are Staying in Bangalore, i suggest you to Purchase Car from Bangalore itself, Don't Buy Car from Other State as it is very Hectic & Time Consuming Procedure to get the car Transfer from One State to Other State. It Takes almost 6 to 8 Month to get the vehicle transfer, Secondly You have to Pay RTO Tax again with State Transfer Penalty & Charges Plus Octroi too if applicable alongwith Agents Charges for Obtaining NOC & Vehicle Transfer. (i.e. you have to Pay Tax on Original Car cost or Invoice Value of Car, treating it as New Car at Current 7% Tax Rate). The estimate cost for all this comes to nearby 25,000/- approx.

It is Better to Buy Vehicle in your state paying even 5 to 10K more.

It Now Ur Call, U decide.



Answer by Prakash Desai 01 January 2010

I am planning to buy a used Fiat Palio diesel. This is going to be my first car & I think it will fit my budget of upto 1.5L. (2003-04 model) Do you think I am making the right decision, I selected this vehicle because of its low resale value (so, i will get it cheaper) great performance & good value for money. Any suggestions, comments are welcome.

Answer by Senthil 09 September 2012

I think you have made the right decision, but there are certain things that you should check out before buying any used vehicle.

Answer by Shon Repass 05 May 2013

for a 2003-2004 petrol model...70-80k is enough. you will find plent of Palios in hyderabad in that range.. In fact I sold my diesel palio @1.10k.. which is of 2004 model but ran over 1 lakh km..

Answer by Siri 05 May 2013

i have e red palio (petrol)with 4 power windos,power steering,in excelent condition.....planning to sell around 1.3l(even 1.2l) ....wonderful performnce...userfrndly nature.....
selling only because to get e new car..hyderabad 9676821641,9989225988

Answer by Chaitanya 05 May 2013

i also have an fiat palio hatchback 2003 model, its realy a nice car. i unfortunately have to sell it for bigger car now.

Answer by Nessa 01 January 2014

I am located in Bangalore anybody selling a palio?? I want to buy a used one. .on a low budget. .any leads my number is 9902933291

Answer by Shakeeb Ahmed 02 February 2014

Fiat Palio 2003 petrol model resale price?

Answer by Jfr 03 March 2015

Fiat Palio Sports 1.6, 32000KM, 2008 Model Whats the resale Price/reasonable price at which I can buy ?

Answer by Manoj 04 April 2015

I have broght fiat palio (model 2002)
Pps sugest me wether i install LPG In it 9r how much it will coast me , vinayak -9004361303.

Answer by Vinayak Waidande 11 November 2015

I want to sell my fiat linea dynamic 2009 model .car is an good condition original paint all tyres are new.well you feel safe and sound in the car only reason I am selling to buy n

Answer by Rachiy 12 December 2015

Contact me 9721999914

Answer by Rachit 12 December 2015

hi Rachit, Which RTO was it registered? How much do you expect.

Answer by Venkat 01 January 2016

Any One is there who want to sell his/her Fiat Palio nv 2004 Petrol with good tyre, power windows, power steering, ac cooler & heater, music system with USB, back wiper etc ???
my contact is 9897666201

Answer by Mukul Kumar 02 February 2016

I would suggest stay away from the car. Mileage is quite low. And since it is a used car you would have to spend on maintaining the car and maintenance cost is very high

Answer by Damam 03 March 2016

I am interested to a palio fiat petrol, i am at kerala, call me 8137997222
Its an urgent call.

Answer by Jazi 05 May 2016

I am interested to sale my FIAT PALIO 1.2 elx car( 2003 model) in a excellent condition, 40000km running, all four new tyres and new amron battery. Single handed carwith almost new look. Can contact on 09412293651 ( Bareilly, U.P. )

Answer by A.K.Banerjee 09 September 2016

Can any one tell about spare parts availability for this car

Answer by Sathis 12 December 2016

Is it possible to install LPG in it.

Answer by SRI RAJ 07 July 2017

Anyone help me guys does fiat palio 2002 model travel for states to states this is too old model having a doubt whethar it travels or not it has ran only 39000km and Ingine is good

Answer by Bobby 03 March 2020
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