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I am having a Maruti 800 2007 want to sell & want a fuel efficient car i.e. Maruti Swift or Hundai Sentro Pls suggest. Diesel or Petrol

By Kumar on Jul 22, 2008


  • Expert Hi,
    You can advertise in our website free of cost for selling your Maruti 800 . Best replacement would be a Swift Diesel .you will have to wait for months to get a new one from dealer . If going for petrol car ,please check Santro.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jul 22, 2008

  • Kumar,
    It appears you are frickle minded deciding to change an exellent car[only one & half year old].May be the car has collided else,you clicked a fortune!
    Answer by Sankar on Jul 22, 2008

  • Go in for Santro Xing XL model if they still
    manufacture or the GLS model.
    Answer by Shashikumar on Jul 22, 2008

  • sorry, i call you.
    Answer by Zxcertyu on Jul 23, 2008

  • Hi Kumar,
    You better to buy a Diesel car like swift. its very good car more thing i am looking for Maruti 800..let me know ur car price details ...
    Answer by Sankar on Jul 23, 2008

  • swift diseal
    Answer by Tarun Nagpal on Jul 23, 2008

  • buy a new shift disel no problam at all and give me your car and i give a good price
    Answer by Ali on Jul 23, 2008

  • hi kumar
    you go for santro xingh best car in mid size road grip is exelent best one for fast driving
    Answer by Vinay Kumar Agrawal on Jul 23, 2008

  • Hi Kumar,
    at what price are u planning to sell ur car???
    where do u stay???
    i am intersted in ur car...
    Answer by Raghu on Jul 23, 2008

  • hi
    petrol santro is best.or diesl swift as u know there is demand for swift where u should wait for 3months from this case it is better to go for a santro let me know if u want i can help u in buying a car & selling your car for a good price.
    Answer by Sami on Jul 23, 2008

  • swift disel is the best car with milage of 21km/per liter.
    Answer by Sunny on Jul 23, 2008

  • Hai Kumar swift disel is very good car my suggestion is you can buy swift diesal becase it giving good milage and exelent car now showroom teling for only one month . So you have to wait only.
    Answer by Deena on Jul 29, 2008

  • hi
    if u have lo bg go by tata indica after 3

    year u sale go by desel on cng no lpg its big h
    Answer by Ali on Jul 31, 2008

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