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iam planing to buy a ford ikon diesel with 2 days,is it a good desecion ? is there any other car other than ford ikon at the same price ?
By Mohanan 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Tata Indigo Manza would make a better selection for its updated engine, performance, looks,features.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Hi..In this medium segment, this is the cheapest
prices for big car. its good for long drive also, but sometimes in service center will get fed up ..

Answer by Ramesh 01 January 2010

hy me using ikon boss wht a car good in avrg and best performance in tht segment i will seg. u for tht rest depends on u

Answer by Himanshu 01 January 2010

My vote goes to ford ikon for the rugged body build quality and the peppy engine performance. Trusted one for years. Ofcourse I dont deny that Tata Manza is a good one but Ford ikon is the best in the build quality, suspension, peppy engine performance and average per litre.

Ikon is best in my opinion. Please be informed that the maintenance cost is bit more than Tata vehicles. Pay more and get more comfort.


Answer by Sathish 01 January 2010

check out tata manza features performance and price and think its is a bst car to buy...

Answer by Vahid 01 January 2010

Hi there , U haven't mentioned ur budget , i think Ford ikon is a good choice , its rigid , rough , comfortable inside , and moreover its a fully loaded version , this car is really nice if ur budget is limited , i myself own a Ford Ikon Flair 2008 model 1.3 petrol version .

Answer by Syed Mohiuddin 01 January 2010

Ford Ikon iKool is good probably better than indigo (not sure abt manza) but yes you will feel prud that u r driving a Ford vehicle which has created great cars like Mustang etc...most of the TAT cars are going to Travels and used as taxi cabs,,, In the end oi would suggest you to take a test drive of both of them n buy only the one gives u great mileage to save ur money in long term... best of luck

Answer by Chandra 01 January 2010

Just go ahead and do it.

Answer by RajKumar 01 January 2010
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