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Sir, Swift VDi or FORD Ikon TDCi- which diesel car is better for long term use- say, 6 to 8years?The onroad price of Swift VDi is 5.52 lacs and that of Ikon TDci is 5.68 lacs. Has Ford Ikon diesel got any other advantage over Swift than its larger bootspace? Paramjeet.
By Paramjeet 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the two Swift Dzire would be a bette roption for its cheaper and easier maintenance, performance and reliability.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Hi Paramjeet,
Ikon TDCi is definitely a value for money car, offering better build, better ride, more space & comfort compared to Swift VDi in addition to a larger boot. But, it is a really outdated car, and further Ford's are never as cheap & reliable to maintain as a Maruti. Further, if you are looking at a time period of 6-8 years, I would suggest you a Swift VDi only.

Answer by Chandan Soni 01 January 2010

Hi Dear.
Do a simple test. Just drive both the cars and see for urself the feel of both the cars.
My vote goes to the ford ikon any day.
The swift or desire is fast, smooth. But it all ends there.
Do me a favor, see the build quality and strength. Honestly if i'd call the fords build strength as steel, i'd call the swift a cardboard box. Take ur middle finger and push the rear bumper of both cars, the flimsy plastics of the swift will be evident.
After abt 25000 kms the swift suspension tends to become a little more stiffer.
I own BOTH the swift and the ikon diesel and in the long term i'd vote for the IKON.
Unless u r getting the swift as a gift, freeeee.

Answer by Xerxes Printer 01 January 2010

Hi Paramjeet,
I would suggest that you could go for Swift dzire
because its cheap. parts are also not costly as ikon. taking corners are a bit rough for the ikon. The only thing which you have to notice is the brakes of swift dzire, it lacks brake when applied at a speed of 85-90 (if you go that fast) else there is no problem with the swift. Even though it has only 75 Bhp the engine is too powerful, which gives more power than ikon. Another difference between the 2 vehicles is that the engine is a little bit noisy than ikon. Ikon has a smooth engine sound when compared with Swift. And also the special thing abt swift is that it will get you more than 19 kmpl which is more than enough for a sedan.

After all it's up to you
Test drive both the vehicles by yourself you will get to know it yourself. But take the test drive for at least 15 kms.
that's how you get to know a car by all means.

Answer by Dinu 01 January 2010

dear parmjeet, my vote to go for swift vdi bcz ford is not a realiable and progressive company in india. ikon is old model last 7year and ford give poor model in india and after 10year ford give only 4-cars (ikon/fusion/fiesta/endiver)and his compatitve company give too much models launch in 11year like(tata/hundai/honda)come last 11 years.
and secondly in diesel engine give very much performance/pick up and cheap servise and shift recieved after 3.4month waiting in diesel.fairly got ot shift vdi .
tks devinder yadav

Answer by Devinder Yadav 01 January 2010

The mileage difference in both the factor. Ikon has its its own style and features where no other sedan body car fits with its Looks.
VOtE will be for Ford Ikon TDci..

Answer by Neelachandra Neel 10 October 2015
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