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Hi, I am looking for a performance bike in india.I am interested on Pulsar 220 DTSI and Karizma-R. Which one do you recommend. I use it mostly for city travel and ocassionally on highway.I need power,performance and sporty looks. I am 6.1" tall, 25yrs and slim built. Expected fule consumption around 40kmpl. Thanks.
By Ajay 01 January 2010

The P220 IS more promising in terms of your requirements. But the ZMR is a very laid back and extremely comfartable Premium bike. Do test ride both to be able to decide what suits you

Answer by Sid 01 January 2010
Expert`s comment:

Karizma would make a better option for style,performance and reliability.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2010

Karizma ZMR having more sporty look and style.Handling also awesome.

Answer by Panicker 01 January 2010

If you are looking for milage with performance and power go for Pulsar 220.
If you need less maintenance with performance and power go for Karizma

Answer by Sooraj R 01 January 2010

Both - the P220 and the K-ZMR have sporty looks, but in terms of power and performance, the P220 is way ahead of the K-ZMR. Though the K-ZMR is fuel-injected, the P220 will still give you better fuel efficiency around 38 - 40 kmpl (city and highway driving combined. Riding comfort of K-ZMR may be better since it has a more upright riding stance, while the P220 has a slightly bent-forward sporty riding position. I would vote for the P-220, since it is atleast 25 K cheaper than the K-ZMR and offers better features like tubeless tyres, back-lit switches, etc.

Answer by Prashant Morparia 01 January 2010

go for karizma ZMR

Answer by Ankit Sharma 01 January 2010

As u r looking for fuel consumption u should go for p220 and as we all know pulsar goes with everybody as u r tll and slim it will suite u and its has also got sporty look. As p220 has a fog lamp which will help u in travelling in highways in winter nights.DONT GET CONFUSED JUST GO FOR IT.

Answer by ABHIJIT 01 January 2010

As from all of your suggestions/views there is equal response for both P220 and Karizma. So i hope both of these bikes are best and going with any one of them will satisfy my need.
But i have gone through some reviews about Bajaj vehicles that they are good for first 1 or 2yrs and after that they start warn out and give troubles.And after sales value is also less. And about karizma only remark i heard is that fuel consumption is very poor,some of the owners are getting around 25kmpl and spare parts are costly.
Are these comments correct with the two bikes? pls.suggest.

Answer by Ajay 01 January 2010

The P 220 is being serviced at Bajaj Pro-biking service centres and the service should be good. I know of people who have used the P150 for past 4 - 5 years and is still going strong. The P 220 is a recent bike, so to get feedback on long term running for the bike is not possible.

Answer by Prashant Morparia 01 January 2010
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