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Dear Sir, Recently I bought a Santro eRlx 2006 model. I have checked the vehicle with the Santro Authorised Service Technician and they opined that the Crank edge in which the Fan belt pully and AC pully fitted is loose and the previous owner fixed the same with some metal pieces with the help of some unauthorised workshop persons. The Hyundai person suggest to change the whole crank shaft unit to rectify the problem otherwise it will loose again and will effect mileage and pickup? I am very much confused, kindly suggest is there any remedy without replace the crank unit by insert sleave or by reducing the size of the hole of pully, something like that? I am totally upset to spent a big amount of Rs.15000/- in replacing the Crank shaft. Kindly give a reply with regards, Anu Cajetan

By Anu Cajetan on Dec 30, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    The chances of wearout of crankshaft end is very very less.The problem could be due to wornout pulley only.Ask the mechanic to replace both pulley and check. Even if Crankshaft is opened, it has to be checked for alignment and dimensions. In case mechanic confirms on replacing crankshaft please get the detailed report regarding the same.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Dec 30, 2009

  • Get it checked again by another authorised Service station,preferably one operated by an authorised dealer. It is possible that solution may lie in replacing in the pulley/s.Gettingthe crankshaft may entail more expenditure which may be avoided if an expert advice is given.But, for heaven's sake, do not again go to a Roadside mechanic. Also check with the person from whom you bought the car and find out what the problem was and how he had got it fixed up and from where.Maybe that may help.
    Answer by Pradeepjauhar on Dec 31, 2009

  • Dear sir,
    If you can check it outside the authorise service station then I would like to suggest you please go Model Town near Metro Station and Meet Mr. Harjeet Singh on Sonu Automobile he can solve your problem or he will check the exact fault.
    Answer by Arun Kumar on Dec 31, 2009

  • The problem could be that the dimension of the ie the dia of the shaft or the hole in the pully could worn out. Try changing only the pulley or add metal and turn it out in lathe to fit the crank pulley. Opening the engine to check the crank will cost you money. The crankshaft has to be balanced, head gasket changed. Since the engine has to be opened it better to check the clearance of piston/cylinder and change the piston rings to get better compression. pl use only authorises hyundai service centre

    Answer by S Sridharan on Jan 4, 2010

  • Impossible for the crankshaft diameter to change or wear out in 3 years.
    The fault will be with the mild steel pulley.Replace with an OE pulley and check if there is any 'give' before tightening the bolt.If there is a noticeable play, then you need to match the crankshaft diameter by sleeving and machining the inner diameter of the pulley.
    Answer by George on Jan 4, 2010

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