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what mileage does a honda civic automatic give in city driving conditions

By Ravi on Dec 29, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    With Civic AT version, expected mileage is around 14KMPL on average.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Dec 29, 2009

  • if u ride this car in city then u willl get maximum 10 kmpl.
    and on highway it should be about 13 to 15 kmpl.
    Answer by Ankit Panchouli on Dec 29, 2009

  • Hi,
    I own the honda civic 93,which is an automatic,it gives me 11kms in city,not yet checked on outside city limits highways
    Answer by Jerald Castelino on Dec 30, 2009

  • Hi, in city conditions, it will give around 7-8 km per/ltr.
    Answer by Kulvinder on Dec 31, 2009

  • A Honda Civic AT will give you around 7-8 KMPL in city driving conditions. With a very light foot on the accelerator it can touch 8.5-9.
    Answer by Chandan Soni on Jan 9, 2010

  • Dear Jerald Castelino Honda lovers do not worry about mileage. A Honda is a Honda!!! If u cannot afford to keep a Honda sell it and buy a Nano!!! U wont have to worry about mileage.
    Answer by Pankaj on Sep 15, 2012

  • Pakaj...u r wrong... Typical Indian Dialogue friendly crowd mentality. I own a Honda civic AT....driven carefully but with mileage of 5.5 kmpl in city.(AC with temp setting 27 degrees).
    Now that mileage hurts. Imaging jus doing 250-265kmkm with 3500 Rs.
    Answer by Swapnil on Jun 16, 2013

  • I owe Honda Civic AT 2007 city I am getting 9-10KMPL.
    Answer by Rahul on Jan 13, 2016

  • I just buy used Honda Civic 2006 model from Bombay and I brought it to Kerala total kilometre 1400 .my total petrol expense was 7600 (manual transmission )
    Answer by Tony on May 9, 2016

  • So you got it on highway and your mileage is 12kmpl.

    Answer by Kiran on Jun 6, 2016

  • In city I get 6.5, highways 13, Mine is AT

    Answer by Swaminathan on Sep 12, 2016

  • It just 6.5 km in city and arround 12.7 km on highway and the car is in perfect condition
    Answer by Chandan on Oct 11, 2016

  • I'm getting 5/km and on highway 9.. As my car is civic AT :-) no worries brand are always mean to be expensive :-)
    Answer by Wily on Nov 11, 2016

  • I have a AT version 2007 model civic, it gives 10 in city and 15 on highways. When i use to keep it on constant speed of 100 to 120 km/h
    Answer by Harsh Agarwal on Nov 16, 2016

  • i have a honda civic 2007 model, it gives only 6 or 7kmpl in city and 9kmpl on highway in 100 speed
    Answer by Jishan on Apr 10, 2017

  • My honda civic 1.8 SAT model also given in city 10 kmpl and on highway 15 kmpl
    Answer by VENUGOPAL on Aug 17, 2017

  • My Honda Civic 1.8 given 7-8 kmpl in city highway 9-10 maximum
    Answer by Yasir on Aug 20, 2017

  • it depends upon driver a good civic gives around 16 to 18 on highways but in city not more than 8

    Answer by Zahid on Oct 13, 2017

  • i am having Honda civic 2006 1.8 MT in city drive its give 7 to 8 that too without AC
    Answer by Amar on Nov 10, 2017

  • Honda civic 2007 1.8VMT gives 9kmpl in city with AC on and 14kmpl in highway with AC
    Answer by Saiswaroop on Nov 27, 2017

  • Comparing to all 2007 model Civic is giving good mileage I think so
    Answer by Abishek on Jan 9, 2018

  • So 2007 model civic is good engine and nice one
    Answer by Abishek on Jan 9, 2018

  • I use a 2007 Civic 1.8V-AT and get 11.5 kms/litre in city
    Answer by Naresh Motwani on Jan 26, 2018

  • Have Honda Civic 2006, 1.8 MT, giving decent mileage of around 10-11 in Delhi city with AC, keeping in mind not to push the gas hard
    Answer by Kapil on Apr 13, 2018

  • My civic is 2007 model mileage in city is only 6.5 to 9 and on highway it gives 15 to 17
    Answer by Shekin on Apr 20, 2018

  • My Civic is 2011 AT and giving 6-7 kmpl in city.
    Answer by Anup Soni on Jun 21, 2018

  • On highway 15.5 without AC and with AC 13/14. Manual
    Answer by Vikas on Jun 23, 2018

  • am using manual civic , am from kerala here i get in city drive 6-9 and dnt know how i get in highway :P
    Answer by Motojith on Sep 12, 2018

  • resonantly i bought civic 2010 1.8MT and what mileage can i expect in city

    Answer by Mark Mustermann on Nov 19, 2018

  • H-Civic 1.8 AT gave me 8.8 kmpl on tank full to tank full test for 300 kms City only run in Chennai city admist bumber to bumber traffic. Highway trip to Madurai and back in Drive mode without touching lower gears at all, and speed maintained strictly within 100-125 kmph, with cruise control gave me 14.86 kmpl tan full to tank full in the distance covered only on highway. Mileage depends on too many factors including condition, servicing, maintanence, usage, driving habits, speed, etc.
    Answer by Kumar S on Dec 3, 2018

  • I am planning to buy a Honda civic guys can u suggest me a good model with good mileage...
    Answer by Arman on Mar 11, 2019

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