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hiii experts I own santro xing..Recently while driving the car i am getting some noise from left side. I shown it to 1 local mechanic. He told me that its suspension problem. The noise is too much when car passes through pitholes or bad roads. Pls advice and also i bought resale santro and till date it was excellent in condition. I am worried ab the cost of maintainance for this problem.Can i contact local car expert or authorised service centre.As authorised charge much high cost so i normally avoid visiting them.
By Akash 12 December 2009

Guys awaiting for your valuable inputs.........

Answer by Akash 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

The noice from left side could be due to the weak strut assembly.The solution is to get the strut kit replaced which includes rubber bushes and bearing.
The authorised dealer/service center charges will be standard one and you will get quality service with valid bill and you will get all details of works done and also proper follow up will be there. However the bill amount will be slightly greater than that from the local mechanic.Getting repairs from local mechanic wont be a problem provided mechanic is reliable and that can be concluded only after getting service from him.
You can post questions regarding service problems,bills etc for getting good feedback from other Santro users also.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

Authorized service center guys can't charge unless you agree. Estimate for work done is given free of cost. Get it checked at 2-3 service centers and then take a decision.

The job done by service centers will be good and will be with warranty. They will charge labor charges which might be higher than roadside mechanic, but you get genuine spares. For saving small amount of money, don't compromise on quality stuff for integral components of car.

Answer by Amit 12 December 2009

First get it checked in hyundai workshop and know the problem and estimate and then decide whether it can be repair by any other mechanic and how much it will cost and if there is considerable saving then get it done from local reliable mechanic there is no problem .

Answer by Rudra 12 December 2009
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