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when i had a problem in my hundai verna diesel engine ecm, they adviced me to change, it is just 18 months old,will it not be covered on warranty, why it cannot be repaired or serviced, the cost of ecm is rs 65000/- please give me a solution.
By Reddygln 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

If the ECM is malfunctioning in many of the cases, it has to be replaced and reporgrammed.The cost of ECM and programing the same has to be confirmed by Hyundai authorised service center. Its too early to sell the car for this problem.You can also check with extended warranty if available for your car from dealer.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

I need to repair my Hyundai Verna Ecm,can u suggest some workshop in bangalore

Answer by Gijoy 07 July 2013

pls call me 919841436436 - scanacar

Answer by Raj SG 04 April 2015

i hav problem in my DIESLE hyundai verna ECM what is new ECM price

Answer by Jitender Vedi 05 May 2015

i had problem with my diesel verna ECM what is the second hand price

Answer by Yogesh 06 June 2015

I need to replace my Hyundai Verna diesel Ecm ,can u suggest some workshop/spares shop in chennai - 9841112432

Answer by Vinodh 05 May 2016

Ecm problem plese suggest for repair 9717413803

Answer by Mritunjay 07 July 2016

I want verna 2008 model ecm can u please help me workshop/spares in chennai or delhi or banglore

Answer by Satya 08 August 2016

Sir I have mahindra xylo e 8 and its ecm is faulty .can it be repaired or I can use other ecm which can be coded . Any contact no. In delhi for reparing

Answer by Hussain Khan 09 September 2016

Hi dear I have the ecm for Verna used one if you want you can buy from me 09003108780

Answer by Sathish 10 October 2016

Hi dear I have the ecm for Verna used one if you want you can buy from me 09003108780

Answer by Sathish 10 October 2016

Hi dear I have the ecm for Verna used one if you want you can buy from me 09003108780

Answer by Sathish 10 October 2016

Hi anyone have contact for Hyundai i10 ECM repair in erode or coimbatore

Answer by Aravindh 10 October 2016

Hello Aravindh, You can Contact Car Xpertz Ph. +91-77082-11188 for your ECM Repair Services in Coimbatore

Answer by Ragul 11 November 2016

I want used ecm for Verna car 2007 model let me know the ecm price

Answer by E Jeevanprasad 11 November 2016

ECM of Verna fludic 2012 what is cost of new one ?
Can u suggest repair in pathankot or Amritsar ?

Answer by Munish Sharma 12 December 2016

Verna frutic 2A840 ecm cost natural piece is 25000 mob 9412228033

Answer by Javrd 02 February 2017

25000 cost 2nd hand ecm new ecm cost

Answer by Javrd 02 February 2017

My Verna model 2007 Ecm pin is cut can you suggest Ecm repairer in Bangalore my pH:9743477254

Answer by Manjesh 09 September 2017

I am having problem in ECM and i am living in delhi any suggestion for 2nd hand ECM

Answer by Yogesh 10 October 2017

I have verna fludic 2011 model

Answer by Yogesh 10 October 2017

ecm needed for cruz 2013 model

Answer by Vikram 08 August 2018

I need Hyundai verna 2007 petrol version ecm.can anyone suggest wherw i can get either new or used.

Answer by Manoj 08 August 2018

I need the ecm of verna fluidic 2011 diesel model. can anybody help

Answer by Shoab 10 October 2018

Need a ECM for our Verna car 2012 model diesel.

Answer by Jitender 10 October 2018

Need ECM verna diesal 2008 call me 9500027117

Answer by Raja 02 February 2019

Verna Transform 2011 ECM Problem, anybody please share repairing option in kolkata 8826919969

Answer by Aditya 02 February 2019


Answer by SUDHIRKUMAR 03 March 2019

Hi Recently I got changed clutch plates of my Fluidic Verna Model 2012 Immediate after a week It started giving me trouble like its getting off while running and when I gave it in showroom what they said is the ECm is getting deactivated what is the solution for this Can anyone plz suggest me

Answer by Nihaal 04 April 2019


Answer by Sarathy 05 May 2019

Verna 2011 fludic start problum

Answer by Govind 05 May 2019

want to buy used ECM for Hyundai verna fluidic 2012. Please call me at 9666644234

Answer by RK 06 June 2019

I want to buy ecm in verna 2012 model

Answer by Asad 07 July 2019

Buy ecm for Verna 2012 modl . Plz cl me 08054084990

Answer by Davinder 07 July 2019

I want to buy ECM Car 2011 model Verna fludic petrol Automatic push button urgent requirement in New Delhi

Answer by Deepanshu 07 July 2019

My verna flutiec 2012 model 1.6 sx top model ECM was problem. Pls give me any ECM for reasonable amount and solutions

Answer by Prabhu 07 July 2019

Im from Madurai, tamilnadu. Contact number 9994304960

Answer by Prabhu 07 July 2019

I have verna fludic diesel ecm .
If anyone wants the ecm then you can call me .

Mobile no:- 9873948762

Answer by Arman Khan 10 October 2019

Verna 2007 desel ecm chiye

Answer by Vivek Sharma 01 January 2020

I want Verna 1.6 desel fuludic 2012 Ecm only second hand 9971926480

Answer by Tarun Yadav 07 July 2020

I want Verna 2010 atomitic ecm

Answer by Mallikarjun 08 August 2020

Where is the servicing center of 2011 model hundai verna ECM at west Bengal, nadia

Answer by Dipankar Daradi 11 November 2020

For ecm board service for all car in Ranipet district, Vellore district plz contant MARIA CAR SOLUTIONS 9943999089

Answer by Vethanayagam 12 December 2020

I want a ecm second hand 2012 in Nagpur

Answer by Mithun Sardar 01 January 2021

I want 2012 hyundai Verna fludic ECM or get it repaired in Goa .9711130373

Answer by Anand 02 February 2021

My car got fixed, thanks for an engineer to help me. Let me know if any one needs similar help in Goa.

Answer by Anand 02 February 2021

I want ECM of Hyundai Fluidic Verna 1.6 diesel model 2014

Answer by Jitender 03 March 2021

Contact me on 7353786686 for repairs Verna peteol ECM REPAIR

Answer by Aslam Attar 04 April 2021

Contact me on 9025760357 for my car 2007 model verna diesel ECM to not supply EGR

Answer by Saravanan 05 May 2021
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