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hi.. i would like to know about the mentainence and the cost of spares of a maruti baleno compared to other cars.. is it very expensive as i have heard ... and also i would like to know how much milege can i expect in a city like mumbai with heavy traffic situations... waiting for your quick revert thanks and regard rajeev
By Rajeev 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

The main advantage of used Baleno is of owning a spacious midsegment car(rangeing 8 to 10 lac)at comparitively lower price. Maintenance cost of Baleno is on higher compared to that of other sedans of the segment ( please contact dealer for exact onroad price) .Also it its relative to the cost price of New Baleno which was around 8 lacs or so, and Its one of the factors combined with lower mileage of 10 KMPL max has been the causes for comparitively lower resale value.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

There seems to be some wrong notion about milege of Baleno car./ My car gives around 13-15.5 withiout AC and with AC aorund 11-12 in city. On highway with AC , I get around 17. I have not needed to go in for any spares till date since last 4.5 yrs and 35000kms. As far as i m concerned I m fully satisfied with my car.

Answer by RAJESH NARULA 12 December 2009

I second Mr. Narula.My car has never given me an average of less then 13 kmpl with ac,and as regards maintainence it is as cheap or as expensive to own as any other midsize car.And the baleno has an excellent resale value so I would suggest u go in for it with your eyes closed and if u want any other detail mail me at and i would be glad to assist u further.

Answer by Rohit 12 December 2009

It is a really very nice car to own, it is spacious, comfortable, maintenance is not expensive, the best part is it is fun to drive as it is very peppy & with all these you should be getting 10 - 12 kms in Mumbai.

Answer by Kishore 12 December 2009

Hi, Well i have been driving baleno from past 2+ years as i liked the car very much and we all friends own the same and made a baleno club. well thats about the craze in youngsters as far as car is concerned it gives a milage of 13-15 on higways and min of 11-12 in city with AC. lovely control, good power and space, sporty low sitting position which i love the most and a big royal look, When you get this all for less whats harm in that. And when it comes to spare i dont think we need to worry for next 6-8 years its maruti and you get the spare outside as well i never faced any problem as such.

Answer by Zubair Khan 12 December 2009

The baleno is the best car to buy in the used car segment. I had a 2006 black baleno lxi. had to sell i was in need of money to buy a house. i again bought a used baleno 2006 model that had covered 28,000Kms. Trust me one of the best cars to own. the reasons:
1.) Driving comfort
2.) Superb engine.
3.) Value for money.
4.) Its MARUTI :)
5.) Decent milage ( around 13/14 Kms in the city, and 16/17 on highway)

Even if you bought an new alto
, am sure you wont get the satisfaction of driving a BALENO.

Answer by Ravi Kumar 03 March 2010

I seriously doubt the explanation given by the expert. Maintenance of BALENO is very low, as far as it's engine is concerned, it's amongst the finest petrol engines(around 1500cc) in INDIA ever. Around 1.5 lac kms don't even think of any maintenance for it's engine.
Fuel efficiency : 14-15 kmpl in city(20% AC)
17-18 kmpl highway(20% AC).
The only car that has better fuel efficiency and is a bit less expensive to maintain and has performance at par with BALENO is Honday City(Old) VTEC. But you will hardly find VTEC for sale and if any , will be atleat 1.5-2 lacs more as compared to BALENO.

Answer by Abhijit 03 March 2010
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