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I never drive a car.I am Planning to Buy a second hand Maruti 800 and i will drive it for 1 yrs but,I have doubt that, maruti 800 have Alto engine and alto is getting close at 2010 so my question is "Will I face a Parts problem in market ? or The parts price will be get increase ? or I will not get parts in market ?" which is better 800 or Zen old model ?
By Amrut 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Therewont be any problem in getting spares for Maruti 800 or Alto even if production is stopped.Production of esteem was stopped few years back.Still getting service is not a problesm.There wont be changes in price of parts unless there is change in taxes or company decides to raise cost for all parts.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

I had owned a maruti 800 and very happy with its performance. I got it from TRUE-Value and after using it for a year I have got price very close to purchsed one.If its your first car Go for Maruti 800. As its maruti, i dont think there will be any issues with price or availability of parts for maruti800.

Answer by Sandesh 12 December 2009

Compared to an old model Zen... New Maruti 800 is a better bet. Go in for a 'fuel injected' Maruti 800, preferably go for a single ownwer and sparingly used 800. Dont even think about the parts... the parts of 800 will be easily available for the next 10 years... even if the production of the 800 stops. Moreover it has a re-sale value, you can sell it in one day if you wish to... Compared to all the cars manufactured in India, this is the only car that has a resale value and it sells fast. Parts are very cheap and (a fuel injected) 800 will easily give 15-18 kmpl in the city and 20+ on the highway... it all depends on one's driving habit. But it is reliable, tiny car... (the hero honda CD of Motorcycles.)
Najaf Ali Mirza

Answer by Najaf Ali Mirza 12 December 2009

To be frank, it is not advisable to go for old model of 800. In so far as Maruti company is concerned, service, parts and sales will not be of any cocern. Suggest to wait for some more time and buy new 800. Buying old model of Zen is still thinkable provided condition is good else may give mileage issue.

Answer by Ashvin Panchal 12 December 2009
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