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I am looking for a new car (with overall budget less than 5L). I have shortlisted Alto LXi and Wagon-R VXi. I am planning to maintain the car for not more than 4/5 years. I am in a confusion right now. The dealer is offering me a cash discount (16K on Alto and 30K on Wagon-R) if I purchase in December. He is not ready extend the scheme for Jan 1st week. Also he is saying that the prices are likely to go up in Jan (from all manufacturers). I have heard that at the time of reselling, the year of purchase matters a lot. So if I purchase a car now (i.e. Dec last week), I will get a big discount but will loose on the reselling part. so I just wanted to know about the details of difference in both! Whether purchasing in Jan will increase my resale value or getting the cash discount is is beneficial? Thanks in advance... -- VB
By Mkvdc 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Alto LXi is a great option for long term utility as well as for value for money invested.

As for as discount offers are concerned, it will be applicble for only few days and the customers have to pay full amount and book the car.It can be registered in 2010.In RC book it will be mentioned 2009 model and registration date in 2010. Vertually you will be loosing the discount amount in terms of its resale value and bit more than that also.

In overall it will be a fair option to buy the car in 2010 itself as you will have beter resale value and newness of the car for one year atleast in terms of verbal communications.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Wait for the new year. Also make sure the car has a 2010 manufacturing date.

Answer by Quraish 12 December 2009
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