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A Tata Manza (aura ABS) or a Fiat Linea (emotion) in diesel. The pinch is the 2 lacs diffrence, which will be a bit stiff for me. Want to use the car for at least 4 years. Please suggest.

By Manoj on Dec 24, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    Tata Manza is a great value for money car.It has good lot of features and also competitive priceing and newer body shape.
    Linea Emotion has better body style and leading in car in the 10 lac range cars.It offers great onroad luxury car image and also interior comfort.Maintenace is lot easier. In overall it will be worth investing 2 lac Rs more (provided money is not a constraint) and it will give saisfactory service.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Dec 24, 2009

  • Expert Here again I'd go for the Manza. Its built alongside the Linea on the same assembly line and parts and build quality is nearly the same. Engine on the Tata is also more refined than on the Fiat.
    I wouldn't pay 2 Lac extra if I'm getting nearly the same car for less.
    Answer by Quraish on Dec 24, 2009

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