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Hi, I am planing to buy a bike, i like two Thunderbird and Avanger. test ride of thunderbird was very exciting, it very ease on road, sharp ends, and ups and downs. whereas i found avenger as striaght drive bike, the handle gets very heavy at sharp turns, and a little uncoustomed sittings for a new driver. However, the price difference is making difficult to select thunderbird. Can any one suggest. also is there any news of a newer model release of avenger in near fuure. One more thing, some time back on the website of Avenger it was mentioned that it has tubeless tyres, but when contacted the showroom, they confirmed it not. Whats the truth? Why website had mentioned it?
By Amit 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Royal Enfield thunder bird performance is much better than Avenger as mentioned.Spending extra money on Tunder bird wont be disappointing as the vehicle carbe used for atleast 10 to 15 years in good running condition.
It is difficult to comment regarding tubeless Tyre avenger, as the exact details are not available now.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

I had both the bikes.
I am pretty sure i know what you are asking for.
The fact is I liked the thunderbird more than the avenger.
Yeah it will cst u a little bit more. But believe me .. spending a little more will make your ride much better.
But boss remember one thing.... if you are not a tall guy ( more than 5.8) then dont go for thunderbird. Because in the heavy city traffic you will face lot of problem in moving with the bike.
I have seen my friends having problem with my bike, and if u have a pillion, then it will be more difficult.

And last but not the least.... the maintenance, avenger wont hurt your pocket so much.... where as Thunder Bird maintenance is costly .... a little on the upper side.
But i will tell u if money is the problem for you then go for Avenger...... the stiffness that you faced while test riding will go within 1 week at most...
so now u decide what you want to do ...

Best of Luck for your new Bike...

Answer by Surajit Chatterjee 12 December 2009

Dude RE is about passion for biking and not a daily ride to office. Avenger is obvious a new tech but not as good and durable as a RE (Ofcourse you need to take good care of her). I would also suggest the new RE classic 350 which is on road 1.15 L worth the price with all new tech yet the feeling of an old RE.

Answer by Bharat Chavan 12 December 2009

dear friend, buy only standard engine. otherwise u will cry and break ur head. my opinion is standard engine bullet only only only. bye take care

Answer by Sanjay 12 December 2009

Hi Sanjay
Are you talking about standerd UCE. (you Have TB i.e. important)
Then What is constant Mesh 5 Speed gearbox (specified only to standard model by co.)Is it user friendly or else. Please, if you know.

Answer by Hemant 10 October 2010

hi friend dont think what to purchase, as you can read the suggestion given by the people above, thats true, firstly your height matters alot for thunder bied or enfield. Go with avenger friend, you will love the comfort, and about maintance, its on you how you maintain the bike, it will take a weak to get adjusted then after that it will be a comfort for you friend, go ahead and buy it, you will not regret nothing after purchasing avenger, coolk bill, thank you

Answer by Salman 12 December 2011
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