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hello shankar, 1994 maruti 800 is having starting issue. it alwayse starts when i start it after a long rest but it gets off just after few minutes of starting or after running after few kilometers. it again starts after few minutes of rest. i got it checked, but all in vain. pls guide.
By Chandramani 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

As the vehicle starting and running , there wont be problem in ignition system.The problem could be due to blockage in carburettor or distributor.Please get the same checked with mechanic

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

Vehicle is starting after a rest meaning it must have fuel supply problem or current supply problem. Most probably it is a fuel supply problem. Check with a good mechanic, who knows each vain of 800. They are many in market.

Answer by Vishal 12 December 2009

Check out your distributor rotor. Apparently, there's a hold in a smooth flow of spark emission.

Answer by Col Sunder Lalvani 12 December 2009

in that case u pls replace ur fuel pump ur problem remove .

Answer by Ishraq 12 December 2009

Replace the Spark Plugs

Answer by Solomon Jaichander 12 December 2009

i had the same problem
first check which ingnition part does it has of BOSCH or LUCAS
where is ur car from??
many mechanics would tell you to go for engine down process which doesnt helps
see the above if it is old i.e then change it with LUCAS IT WILL REALLY HELP 100% see the image

Answer by Hari 12 December 2009

It is due to fuel supply problem only which is not a big problem.Give vehicle in authorised servicecentre and they can rectify very easily Problem may be with carburator and pump only .So if clean carburrator and fuelpump it will solve

Answer by Dr Satya Prasad 12 December 2009

May be due to fuel supply problem.Check fuel pump/Carburator.


raj Kumar Panda

Answer by Rajn Kumar VPanda 01 January 2010

well the problem is surely in ur carbeurator...the flow of air through the small pipelines is restricted due to gathered carbon in it...these pipelines supplies air from diagphrams to carberators...and also check for chocked jets..ok

Answer by Ranjit Singh 01 January 2010

Thank you so much for help. i wl get these aspects checked. Vehicle is 1994 model Maruti 800 & i m located at ghansoli, navi mumbai. Pls guide me for a good mechanic. hws reliance autozone.

Answer by Chandramani 01 January 2010

Pls adjust starting timing

Answer by Sibin GRz 02 February 2014
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