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Hi, I had Maruti Suzuki SX4 and i come to know there was a problem with knock sensor of my car because of that i am getting noice from engine.Could you guys plz throw some lite on that sensor like what r all the consequences becuase of it failure,where to buy,where to repair and how much cost is it?I appriciate your help. Note:I am in Banglore right now. Thx
By Ramangireddy Gazzala 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Sesors used in cars is a mechetronic device meaning combination of mechanical and electronic mechanism. The sensor malfunction can be due to malfunctioning of convesion of mechanical or electronic part of the sensor .Thorough inspection of sensor has to be done for the exact cause of failure.Remidy is to diagnosie the failed sensor using diagostic kit and replaces the particular sensor.This canbe done at authorised service center.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

Dear mr.reddy,
Knock sensors are fed in the pcm of the car which detect abnormal vibrations in the engine, it also helps to produce ac voltage which in turn increases the vibrations in an engine. I would suggest you to kindly get it verified and diagnosed from an authorised service station.

Answer by Ashish Bagul 12 December 2009

I have been in the car trade [repairs] for more than forty years. I would like to know how Mr.Ramangireddy Gazzala came to the conclusion that 'knock sensor' is faulty? there are many reasons for an engine 'knocking'Instead of going to any 'agent' most of whom do not have the equipment nor the personnel to diaognise faults, go to a private garage who has a good reputation, and your problem will be solved.

Answer by Minoo Shroff 12 December 2009

Hi Minoo,

Thanks for your responce ...

I have been to maruti suzuki show room and after that only i come to know there was a problem with knock sensor.i didn't say that i am guru in automotive industry like you but before you reply to the answer plz concern on how you could be help on the given problem instead of arguing how users come to know what was wrong...

Sorry but i appriciate your feedback,Thx...

Best Regards

Answer by Raman 12 December 2009
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