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Hi, am Rahul. I am planning to buy a old model HONDA CITY 1.5v-tec or a Maruti Baleno. can you please advice me on which one will be a better option for me, as am not worried about money or mileage, only thing is the car should be in stock condition. What all should i be looking forward when i go to look anyone of these cars and what is the best price that i can get these cars for?
By Jansim 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

Honda City has edge over Baleno and makes a great selection for its awesome performance and reliability.Hence recommended to go ahead with City Vtech

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

type 1 or 2 honda city. forget the baleno

Answer by Nick Dev 12 December 2009

Honda city for sure..its ne day better.. better drivability.. gr8 interiors.. and reliable engine..

Answer by Prashant 12 December 2009

Honda city is the only anwer

Answer by Suresh Kumar 12 December 2009

honda city wins hands down

Answer by ROCSTAR 12 December 2009

Honday City i-VTEC is awesome ..both the older models or newer 2008 one. City is great to drive, great engine and great re-sale value just for the name - Honda. Baleno is obsolete and won't have any resale today. Also, it feels dated in side out. Honda makes the best Petrol engines in the world. A 2007 Honda City should cost you around Rs. 6.5 Lakhs for a car in excellent condition.

Answer by Yogesh Amraotkar 12 December 2009

I advice you to go for city 2000 to 2003 model.

Answer by MgVenkateshan 01 January 2010

I dont think you can get a HONDA city V-tec old model in stock condition.
Try a BALENO 2006/2007 model. Am sure you can get it as i have one :)

Honda spares are a bit expensive than BALENO any day.

For the money you pay for an used car i think without any doubt baleno is the best buy.
My used baleno had converd 28K Kms. neat stock condition with all the service records. :)

Answer by Ravi Kumar 03 March 2010

FOR 6.5L go for a new car from any brand :D
Doesn't make sense at all spending 6.5 L for an used car :D. LOLZ
Until and unless you are obsessed with a HONDA VTEC :D

If performace is what you are looking for and money is not the criteria, buy a HONDA ACCORD :D or a skoda :D

I sometimes feel its a sin to compare a HONDA city Vtec and baleno in the used car segment....

2006 baleno that has covered less than 35K is far more reliable than a 2001/2002 HONDA VTEC that could have easily covered 90K+ kms.


Answer by Ravi Kumar 03 March 2010

iam also looking for a honda city automatic.baleno is a flop model by maruti and it has a very poor milaege

Answer by Vaidyanathan 09 September 2014

Hai I am Sunil, planning to buy a second hand Honda city, Petrol /.Fiat lenea.desal. My budget is below 5 laks. My average km per month is 2200. Looking for comfort and low maintaince. Milage cost is not concern for me.

Answer by Sunil 10 October 2014

Baleno1.6canbeathondacityvtec1.5anydaywithitspowerfull1.6litreengi newereadth ehondacity ispoweredw ith1.5litreengi neandmilli ageofbotht hesecarsro f the same

Answer by Franklin 02 February 2018
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