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Hello expers, Planning to sell my 1997 model maruti 800 AC. just got it in 40,000/- from maruti spectra 5 months back and spent around 7,000/- on it and m the 3rd owner. Please suggest as the maintenance is increasing day by day. And after selling this one my budget will be around 1,75,000/- for the new car so should i again go for a second hand car or buy a new one by manging my budget. I am really concern about the maintenance and don't like to spend much on it. Please advice thanks in advance.
By Prashant 12 December 2009

as per your budget, it is better to go for used car. I would like to suggest you 2007 Alto lxi, through maruti true value shop.

Answer by Krishna Kumar 12 December 2009

I would suggest , increase your budjet little more and exchange your car with maruti true value.

Answer by Dinesh 12 December 2009


I would suggest you not to spend a single paisa on this 1997 model Maruti 800 car. Because the maintanance cost will follow a graph of very high gradient.

If you have a budget of about 1.75 lakh, then you may go for a WagonR or Alto. But I would suggest you to take a Wagon R. At this budget you may get a 2004 or 05 model wagonR.
Belive me you will enjoy it's driving.
I had a maruri 800 car (3rd owner and now I am having a 2004 model Wagon R car (2nd hand). I hv spent about 1000 rs in 1.5 years.... Its really fansastic.

Answer by Sumantra Chatterjee 12 December 2009

It could be your sheer bad luck if you found a worn off car. I had a 1997 M-800, which I sold it after using it for 50 days, reason was the speedometer showed 60000kms while it had actually done 3lac+ kms. There used to be endless number of small problems. Luckily I got it for 50k and sold it for 55k after spending 2.5k.

Eventually I got another 1999 M-800 from an MNC employee who gave me the car details and service history on phone, I merely walked to his home, paid and drove off. Fetched it for 61000, runs like a dream, did some mods, I drove it between Ahmedabad and Mumbai nonstop. I still have this car in prestine condition.

There is news about Wagon-R and Alto being plonked with K series engines, thereby phasing out present ones. If you intend to buy a second hand car in the range of 1.75, you can also get good used swift for 2.25, Hyundai Santro, Tata Indica and even Hyundai Accent. There are good second hand dealers apart from Spectra, who can really vouch for their cars.

And, second hand market price will zoom down in comming months due to entry of high performance cheap cars.

Answer by Faramroze M Chyella 12 December 2009

instead of new car i would suggest you to go for used car. I agree with sumantra's suggestion of owning WagonR, but go for 2006 and above model, you have less chances of breakdowns and hence low maintenance,,, avoid diesel cars!

best of luck

Answer by Imtiaz 12 December 2009

Will suggest not to go for second hand car now as you have experienced lot pain on used car spending enough money. Better wait for some more time managing your budget and purchase new car starting with Alto.

Answer by Ashvin Panchal 12 December 2009
Expert`s comment:

As the car is in bad condition, it will be wiser to sell it off and buy another car.Wwith the budget mentioned, you have plenty of choices inused car segment.Preferbly a a used Hyundai Santro of 2004 and above would be the best selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2009

Hey guys,

A big thank you to all of you. The responses are very informative and I have decided to sell this M-800. As I took it for 40K and have spent 7,000/- on it, how much should I ask (how about 50,000/- OR 45,000/-).

And yeah the options are gr8 will go for either 2nd hand WagonR or new Alto.

Prashant M.

Answer by Prashant 12 December 2009

in my opinion going for a second hand car again will give u problems again.
so i would suggest to go for a brand new car if u can stretch ur budget or atleast search for a second hand car whcih is only 5-6 months old.
as this would fetch u more savings as compared to cost of new one n also ll give u satisfaction of 0 maintainance upto next 3 yrs i suppose.

ne further queries u can surely write agian.


Answer by Keshav 12 December 2009

GO for a new maruti 800. No second thoughts.

Answer by A V Patil 12 December 2009

No more 2nd hand or 3rd hand vehicles.... please go for new vehicle. dont go for any used vehicle.....I had enough.....

Answer by Ramesh Murali 12 December 2009

Buy a second hand car from Maruti preowned second hand cars from 2004 years onwards

Answer by Solomon Jaichander 12 December 2009

My suggestion is don't go for 2nd Hand Car, buy new car, but you have to spend little bit more, go for Maruti Alto Standard, it is very good car, it gives good mileage, less maintenance. Don't buy Maruti 800, because breaks are not good.

Answer by Ramana 01 January 2010

i deal in used cars, i have santro 2005 xp, with alloy wheels & a nice system for rs. 2,20,000 & 2,40,000 with cng..delhi regsitartion...will also buy ur car at the best price..if interested thn call me at 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 01 January 2010
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